The 10 Best Sleeping Bags

Escaping from the rush of the city can certainly be daunting for many people. It is not always easy to live in the city if you love the outdoors, and having some trip planned, can improve your mood drastically. Whether you choose to go out in the winter or love the summer months, a sleeping bag is an essential part of your gear. Even without the best tent, you can still build a small shelter with the stuff nature provides you and use your sleeping bag to get some comfort and stay warm. Unfortunately, a fire will only get you so far.

Our Top Pick
TETON Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag

TETON is a tried and tested brand, and this sleeping bag is no exception. It is of great quality and easy to roll up.

teton sports 101r sleeping bag

I love getting my hands dirty and digging deeper into the outdoor gear. Sleeping bags are found in abundance worldwide, but only a few of them really meet the needs of someone who needs versatility. We have done some research to find some of these versatile sleeping bags.

Best Sleeping Bag Picks On The Market Today

If you have limited experience, you might think that finding a sleeping bag is simple. However, there are a few considerations one needs to take into account. We discuss all this in our Buyer’s Guide, but we would like to start with each sleeping bag first. Here is a top 10 collection of the best sleeping bags for all weather conditions:

1. TETON Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag

teton sports 101r sleeping bag
  • Shape: Mummy
  • Temperature: 0°F
  • Size: 90″x39″
  • Weight: 7.1 lbs

4.5 Stars

The TETON Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag is one of the first options to make it onto our list. It is not one of the best or the worst sleeping bags, but definitely one of the larger sleeping bags. It has been constructed with a Tafetta shell, and the filling on the inside is purely synthetic, allowing you to roll it up and pack it away when needed.

Compared to many mummy sleeping bags, this one is large enough for users to fit a sleeping pad on the inside. The sleeping pad could add more comfort and allow less heat to escape from the bottom. A poly-flannel lining has been included, allowing the user to trap some of their body heat inside, but the sleeping bag is also water-resistant.

When rolling your sleeping bag seems like a drag, you might be discouraged to use it. We often find that most sleeping bags take time to roll up, and we don’t get them fitted back inside their bags. However, a compression bag is used for this one, removing the need to roll it up again. This sack will do all the work for you and allow you to carry it along.

Padding is also another big benefit that has been added. Unfortunately, it is not spread throughout the bag but is mostly confined to the shoulder areas. This can be controlled with a zipper. Once the zipper has been closed, it removes potential drafts from entering. You might also add the drawstrings to your neck area for a mummy-like feel.

According to the manufacturer, the sleeping bag should keep you warm in temperatures that can go as low as 0-degrees Fahrenheit. This tends to be perfect for basic camping expeditions, but your sleeping bag might not be as useful when you move to the colder parts of the Arctic. We recommend some additional comforter or an insulated tent.

Not only does it have 3 distinct colors one can choose from, but these colors are all-natural and will blend into nature. Additionally, small pockets are inserted, allowing users to store some of their valuables when they need them close by. Your mobile devices will never be left out in the cold again or freeze to render them useless when you need them.

If we start looking at a few of the downsides, we find that it is one of the heavier sleeping bags you could use. The weight might be a bit of a concern if you don’t like carrying it or you need to travel long distances. The packed size might take up a lot of space where you pack it, limiting your space for other equipment as well.

Since most of the materials are synthetic, it is one of the few sleeping bags that you can get for an affordable price. Even though the price might be affordable, the quality will not let you down. It has a record of being puncture-resistant as well. Should you experience any punctures, it won’t cause any cold spots during the night. The TETON Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag is a great option for family campers.

Why should you buy the TETON Sports Celsius XXL?

  • Large Size
  • Great for Family Campers
  • Affordable 

2. MalloMe Camping Sleeping Bag

MalloMe Single Camping Sleeping Bag
  • Shape: Double Wide
  • Temperature: 32°F
  • Size: 71″x31″
  • Weight: 6.95 lbs

4.5 Stars

One of the most versatile sleeping bags that we could find is the MalloMe Camping Sleeping Bag. The sleeping bag is primarily designed for camping and comes in two sizes. The single or the double size will both provide you with a lot of interior room. You can even fit your sleeping mattress inside if you have one that is the right size.

The main material used for the outer shell is also polyester. However, it has been woven in a hexagonal pattern. This pattern makes the sleeping bag puncture-resistant. Should you have one hole to deal with, the other parts of the patter will still retain the loft. This is one of the methods used to remove potential cold spots and keep the filling spread evenly.

This outer shell is also water-resistant, allowing you more freedom when you are outdoors to choose your perfect camping spot. According to the manufacturer, the zippers are highly durable. We know this from short-term use, but they should also hold up well when using them for a couple of years or perhaps longer.

Much like the previous sleeping bag, you won’t have a simple bag that needs to be folded in for the sleeping bag. The compression sack will squeeze it into a tiny bundle. Small straps have been added to this, and they can be placed on your backpack. We definitely found this really helpful when you are looking for overall versatility.

Looking even deeper into the design, the head area is protected by a drawstring. This drawstring will be helpful in all conditions and can help to cover your head more efficiently. The drawstring does have a couple of issues if you choose the double size, but your partner’s body heat should keep you warm.

Speaking of the summer, the sleeping bag is designed for the summer months as well. Since we don’t like the humidity too much, we love the fact that you can open the bottom to create a little bit of breeze coming through. It might also be helpful to get rid of any foul stench when you have been on longer backpacking trips.

Users can choose from 4 different colors that range from bright to natural, all matching what you already have for some of your current gear. The price is really affordable, and this will definitely be one of those sleeping bags that you use for many years. I might add that customer service is outstanding.

Why should you buy the MalloMe Camping Sleeping Bag?

  • Single or Double Size
  • Large Stuff Bag
  • Good Customer Service 

3. Abco Tech Sleeping Bag

abcosport sleeping bag
  • Shape: Quilt
  • Temperature: 20°F
  • Size: 86.6″x 29.5″
  • Weight: 3 lbs

4.5 Stars

If you are looking for a sleeping bag for your first ever camping journey and you don’t want to shell out a fortune, the Abco Tech Sleeping Bag is probably the sleeping bag you will be looking at. It is a quilt-style sleeping bag with more than enough interior space that will allow you to add one of your favorite sleeping pads.

Polyester is one of the best materials that we find when looking at affordable materials, and once again, you will see this included in this sleeping bag. It has a shaped pattern that will allow the filling to remain secure and reduce potential cold spots. However, it has also been double-filled, making sure you are never freezing. According to the manufacturer, the sleeping bag should be perfect for temperatures as low as 20-degrees Fahrenheit.

It might not be the best protective sleeping bag, but you do get what you pay for, and it has a couple of great other features. One of these is that it is completely waterproof, and you won’t need to worry about water being absorbed on the inside.

It seems as all the brands have now moved to the compression sacks for their sleeping bags, and the Abco Tech Sleeping Bag is no different. Users have a small strap that can connect to a backpack, adding versatility when trekking through the outback. Folding it takes almost little to no time if you get the grip of it.

My favorite part is probably the sizing. The sleeping bag has enormous size, making it ideal for even the tallest individuals to have some comfort. If you really want to, you can try to squeeze your partner in too. However, the size of you and your partner might determine how comfortable you will be on the inside, especially when adding a sleeping mattress.

If you have your trip done, you will need to clean the sleeping bag, and having it made from polyester with a synthetic filling means it will never fall flat. You can place it inside your washing machine for a cold wash. We do not recommend a hot wash, as it might weaken the materials over time, and the lining could get damaged.

As I have mentioned, this sleeping bag is not designed for those freezing weather situations but definitely a big plus point for budget campers and those looking to get started. It is one of the cheapest options you will find, allowing you to add a sleeping pad for more comfort.

Why should you buy the Abco Tech Sleeping Bag?

  • Large Size
  • Great Budget Option
  • Machine Washable 

4. REVALCAMP Sleeping Bag

REVALCAMP Lightweight Sleeping Bag
  • Shape: Quilt
  • Temperature: 40°F
  • Size: 71”x30”
  • Weight: 1.85 lbs

4.5 Stars

The REVALCAMP Sleeping Bag has been designed for versatility and for style. It is not a professional sleeping bag and will by no means be the best option you can choose. However, it has been constructed in more of a traditional way. Once you look at it, it might remind you of many older sleeping bags that have come to pass.

Made from durable polyester, the features are very similar to some of the previous ones we have seen. However, it does not have much of a pattern when we look at the design. The filling has been doubled, and since synthetic tends to keep you warm in warmer conditions, you should not have an issue using it as a 3-season sleeping bag.

Once it has been folded and stuffed into the bag, the compression straps will do all the work to make it as small as possible. You don’t have to keep it around and take up too much space when carrying it around anymore. Users will get to choose from 23 different colors that will take your breath away when you see them.

My favorite feature is the zipper. Since this sleeping bag has a complete zipper that takes it all the way down, it can be unfolded and used as a comforter as well. The comforter feature might work well in warmer conditions an indoors. When you have those guests sleeping over on a mattress and they need something to keep them warm.

The REVALCAMP Sleeping Bag is available in 2 distinct forms. They are all part of the quilt design, but they do have different benefits and drawbacks. The envelope form is better for camping and offers drawstrings. These will keep your head and shoulders protected from potential breezes. The rectangular form is more common and used by beginners.

Since you might want to take your family camping, you should note that these sleeping bags can be attached to one another. If you and your wife want to use the sleeping bag for a camping trip, you can use the zippers to make it a double sleeping bag. This will still keep you warm and we did not have any issues with cold spots or zipper snags.

One of the main concerns comes when you are washing it. The manufacturer does mention that you can put it in your washing machine, but many people have experienced that it tends to lump up on the one end when doing so. This could be a real hassle for some, but you can straighten it out once it has dried for the filling to be spread evenly again.

If you love camping with your family or you want something versatile to use in your home, this will be a good sleeping bag option. However, I would not recommend it if you plan to spend a couple of months in the Arctic. The price is really affordable and you will certainly get value for your money. However, you do get what you pay for.

Why should you buy the REVALCAMP Lightweight Sleeping Bag?

  • Can Attach Two Together
  • Versatile and Stylish
  • 23 Different Colors 

5. CANWAY Sleeping Bag with Compression Sack

CANWAY Sleeping Bag
  • Shape: Quilt
  • Temperature: 41°F
  • Size: 82.6″x31.5″
  • Weight: 4.2 lbs

4.5 Stars

Moving to the middle of the list, we have the affordable CANWAY Sleeping Bag with Compression Sack. It is an affordable sleeping bag with the look of something more expensive. However, the versatility that it offers is the key to making it part of this list. The durable polyester design will add protection and ensure you can use it in wet weather, but drawstrings at the top can give you the mummy shape.

Folding took some time to figure out, but it will slide into your bag with the least amount of hassles once it has been folded neatly. You won’t need to worry about it being too large, and the straps will compress it even more. Having half the size allows you to comfortably attach it to your backpack for a versatile backpacking experience.

You might have noticed the size, and this is where I have found it to be comfortable. The sleeping bag is made for larger individuals, but it can house your sleeping pad without hassles. However, you will need to shop around to find a sleeping pad that will fit inside comfortably. This was the most challenging part.

Velcro straps are placed on each end of the shoulders. You might not need them immediately, but believe me, once the cold breeze starts penetrating through your tent, your Velcro straps will prevent any breeze from entering. A small personal pocket has been integrated for a few of your personal belongings and will keep them out of harm’s way.

Zippers are important, and once your zipper is snagged, you can either tear the sleeping bag or it might be useless to close. However, these zippers move around freely. One of the upsides is the additional zipper added to the bottom of the sleeping bag. This zipper enables you to free your feet for a little breeze to pass through in the summer.

One of the biggest concerns that I had before buying it was the inner lining. The inner lining was actually one of my favorite parts in the end. It is soft to the touch and has been rated to be skin-friendly. It will absorb some of the moisture in the sun, but unfortunately, it does not come close to what Gore-Tex can do in most boots.

Being slightly more expensive than some of the other sleeping bags we have, you might need to be sure of yourself before buying it. The sleeping bag is ripe for traveling and backpacking. I don’t believe it will offer much to professional backpackers at this price point, but beginners won’t need to worry, as all the needed features are included.

Why should you buy the CANWAY Sleeping Bag?

  • Feet Zipper
  • Soft Inner Lining
  • Good Value for Money

6. VENTURE 4TH Backpacking Sleeping Bag

Venture 4th Lightweight Sleeping Bag
  • Shape: Quilt
  • Temperature: 40°F
  • Size: 86″x29.5″
  • Weight: 3 lbs

4.5 Stars

While the world is looking for something smaller around every corner, the VENTURE 4TH Backpacking Sleeping Bag is going bigger. When it comes to sleeping bags, bigger ones might not always be bad, and having a large sleeping bag can offer you a lot of quality and value for your money. Venture has tried upgrading with each sleeping bag design

According to the manufacturer, this three-season sleeping bag should be able to keep you warm in temperatures dipping as low as 40-degrees Fahrenheit. It features an S-stitching pattern that reduces the potential of the sleeping bag wearing out, and 210T polyester has been used for the bulk of the outer shell materials.

Users should note, the sleeping bag is completely waterproof, and thanks to it being waterproof, you can place it inside your washing machine for a clean and effective wash. The polyester filling on the inside will not bulk up, which means there is less need for you to straighten it out once done. However, it would be best if you kept it to a cold wash.

On the inside is where all the real magic happens. Not only do you have a drawstring to give it more of a mummy-like feeling, but the sleeping bag has been designed for users to withstand potentially cold breezes coming from the outside. Additionally, the straps and zippers will ensure that you don’t need to deal with these bits of unwanted wind.

The unit is available in 3 standards colors. The colors might not really blend in with nature much, but they will stand out. Oftentimes, we need something comfortable to stand out as well. Once you are done with it, you can fold it in half and start rolling up the sleeping bag to ensure that it will comfortably fit in the bag.

One of the downsides is the bag. Yes, it has a convenient carry strap that attaches to your backpack, but occasionally, we need to have a little more. The sleeping bag does not have any compression straps to shrink the bag. This means you will find it taking up more space when compared to some of the others with compression straps. Fortunately, you can buy a few compression straps separately if you like.

The sleeping bag is affordable and should not break your budget. Even adding the compression straps and a decent sleeping pad will not harm your budget. Once again, it is not recommended for the coldest weather conditions, and you should not take it in freezing weather.

Why should you buy the VENTURE 4TH Backpacking Sleeping Bag?

  • Very Affordable
  • Machine Washable
  • Large Size 

7. Coleman Brazos Cold Weather Sleeping Bag

Coleman Sleeping Bag
  • Shape: Quilt
  • Temperature: 40°F
  • Size: 75″x33″
  • Weight: 5.6 lbs

4.5 Stars

If you are looking at one of the best outdoor brands, it’s impossible to look past Coleman. Not only are they renowned for their outdoor gear, but they have been in the game far longer than many of the other brands on this list. This has given them the edge of looking for some of the best technology in a sleeping bag.

The Coleman Brazos Cold Weather Sleeping Bag is a quilt-style rectangular sleeping bag available in various sizes. These types do not affect the style but rather the filling. We have selected the best one, and it could keep you warm in temperatures that can go as cold as 40-degrees Fahrenheit and perhaps even lower.

Fiberlock Construction Technology is completely new to me, but it is something that works. This construction method will lock the filling in one place and keep it from spreading inside the sleeping bag. You don’t need to worry about filling bulking in one spot when you have a rough night rolling around.

The Tricot Knit lining is soft to the touch, and it can be great for your skin. I have found it extremely helpful when keeping the heat trapped on the inside. As you might also notice, the filling is a little larger than many people expect, allowing it to be slightly heavier but making it much warmer in those colder temperatures.

Coleman has designed their own take on one of the top zippers. This patented zipper is only found in Coleman sleeping bags and tents. It has a no-snag feature, allowing you to quickly zip up the sleeping bag when you get into it. It can prolong the longevity of your sleeping bag and allow you to use it more frequently without any issues.

Since we love a versatile piece of camping equipment, you should note that the zippers can also be completely opened. Doing this gives you a comforter feel, and the sleeping bag can be used as you would if you had a comforter. This is the special feature that I like to use when having a few guests sleep over.

Unfortunately, the sizing is a little short. It might be wide enough for large individuals, but once you reach the 6-foot mark, it will not be as comfortable to use. The one downside is that it is mostly designed for smaller individuals. Females and children should find it extremely comfortable, with the sizing being right for them.

Even though one of the expert brands has designed this sleeping bag, they have kept it affordable enough for anyone to buy. If you have no camping knowledge and you need something to experiment with, this will be the right sleeping bag for you. However, it is mostly recommended for smaller people.

Why should you buy the Coleman Brazos Cold Weather Sleeping Bag?

  • Trusted Brand
  • No-snag Zippers
  • Versatility 

8. KingCamp Envelope Sleeping Bag

KingCamp Envelope Sleeping Bag
  • Shape: Quilt
  • Temperature: 44°F
  • Size: 86.6″x29.5″
  • Weight: 6.5 lbs

4.5 Stars

KingCamp might not be one of the brands you know the best, but they are definitely a brand that you should start noticing. The KingCamp Envelope Sleeping Bag is a quilt-style sleeping bag converted to an envelope with an additional top. Once you use the drawstrings, you might have a mummy sleeping bag at the top half.

It has been constructed from 190T polyester, which might not match the same durability that Coleman offers, but it has a W/P Cire Shell. This will add to the durability, but it makes the sleeping bag completely impervious to weather conditions. This fabric and construction weigh in at around 3-pounds, making it lightweight.

With a filling of 250mg per square meter, it is one of the top sleeping bags when you need something warm. The sleeping bag design will certainly keep you warm in colder conditions. If you choose the extreme option, it should keep you warm at a temperature of as cold as 44-degrees Fahrenheit and work for all three seasons. Since the size is rather wide, we have managed to fit a sleeping mattress inside. The sleeping mattress is a great way to keep the cold from escaping. It is available in a variety of different colors depending on your needs and could match your gear.

However, KingCamp also features a double-sized sleeping bag for 2 individuals. Aside from the Velcro straps added to the sides of the sleeping bag, it also features a snug design when you are a minimalist. Should you need to save some space, the sleeping bag can be folded in the bag and attached to your backpack. Compression straps will pull it down to ensure you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space.

Once done, pop the sleeping bag into your washing machine, and you should be ready to go. The sleeping bag will not lose its form, and the shape will be retained, reducing the need for you to straighten it out. You will need to keep it to a cold wash to ensure you don’t lose its size in the machine.

Unfortunately, the zippers did not get the same attention as the rest of the bag. We have found them to snag a little whilst using it, and this could cause a few issues. You will need to carefully un-snag them to ensure that the bag itself is not damaged. However, this only occurred with the inside zipper and not when it is zipped from the outside.

It is slightly more expensive than you would be used to paying for a sleeping bag. The price can be a little daunting for many people but will still offer some great value. I would recommend it to campers with some camping experience. However, the filling is the best part and will keep you sufficiently warm in most conditions.

Why should you buy the KingCamp Envelope Sleeping Bag?

  • Two Person Option
  • Machine Washable
  • Lightweight 

9. Bessport Lightweight Sleeping Bag

Bessport Lightweight Sleeping Bag
  • Shape: Quilt
  • Temperature: 50°F
  • Size: 74.8″x29.5”
  • Weight: 1.76 lbs

4.5 Stars

When you think of a sleeping bag, your mind might immediately start going into overdrive, and you might think camping. However, backpacking is another great way to get out of the house and have some fun outdoors. The Bessport Lightweight Sleeping Bag is one of these sleeping bags that will mostly focus on backpackers.

The 320T Nylon outer shell is one of the most durable you will find. Since nylon has been used instead of polyester, you won’t need to worry about getting punctured. Small snags won’t affect the materials, and it has a much better opportunity to keep you warm on the inside. This gives you a better chance in extreme conditions.

As you touch the inside, it can feel like silk. The silk is not only comfortable on your skin but also gives you a little bit of a softer feel. The synthetic filling is made from cotton, which means you don’t need to worry about losing some of the lofts. Additionally, the pattern is stitched to keep everything sufficiently in place.

The biggest reason why we have included it on this list is the weight. It is very rare to find a good sleeping bag that is under 2-pounds. It not only weighs much less than most but included a contraption that will compress the sleeping bag to almost half the size when you have it folded. It could help a lot when you are backpacking. It is wide enough for an average sleeping mattress to fit inside comfortably.

We would have loved it to have one built-in, but this would have spiked the weight a little. Aside from this, the professional design is made specifically to ensure it does not snag when you zip it up from either side, adding a lot of longevity to it.

While nylon is not specifically machine washable when used in products, this sleeping bag is machine washable. According to the manufacturer, the insulation will not shift if you decide to place it in your washing machine. The upside is that it should straighten out if you leave it to air dry once done washing in cold water. Unfortunately, I prefer a sleeping bag that has a little more insulation. This one is designed mostly for the spring and summer months. It could be a little cold when you use it in the winter. The temperature rating we found recommends users only use it in temperatures that are around the 50-degree Fahrenheit mark.

It is also a little more expensive when compared to some of the others, but this can be due to the nylon being used for the construction. As we have already mentioned, nylon does have a touch more durability to it. Cotton is also a little more expensive, but the sleeping bag itself is not really waterproof or water-resistant.

Why should you buy the Bessport Lightweight Sleeping Bag?

  • Lightweight
  • Durable Outer Shell
  • Large Enough For Sleeping Pad 

10. WINNER OUTFITTERS Down Sleeping Bag

Winner Outfitters Down Sleeping Bag
  • Shape: Yes
  • Temperature: 20°F
  • Size: 87″x34”
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs

If you are looking for a sleeping bag that will guarantee you stay warm in cold weather, you should try the WINNER OUTFITTERS Down Sleeping Bag. It is a sleeping bag like none of the others on this list and has been constructed from 400D Nylon. The nylon has been coated to make it impervious to almost any water condition.

It is not a sleeping bag designed for the entire family and features a mummy design. This design is usually incorporated to make the sleeping bags tighter and keep them more insulated. Since it does not have the quilt design, you cannot fully open it, but you won’t be needing to open it if you are on your own backpacking.

For the inner lining, 350T polyester has been used, which is more durable than the outer shell of many bags. This lining is almost like silk when it touches your skin. If you have any skin allergies or problems, this will be a lining to choose from. Users should note that the lining and the outer shell are completely tested to be waterproof.

As you will notice, it features a stitching pattern that circles the entire sleeping bag. Each of these stitching patterns will work together to give you more comfort and insulation. Since this is a down sleeping bag, the down fill power is around 700. However, they also have one that is a little more affordable with a fill power of only 500.

Even though it is more compressed, the overall length of the sleeping bag stands out from all of the others. It can fit individuals well over 6-feet. The hood includes cords to be pulled down, allowing you a snug feel while eliminating any potential drafts that could enter. Now, you don’t need to worry about straps loosening up during the night.

The down used in this sleeping bag is from registered farms and does not violate any laws. You won’t need to worry about damaging the environment, and you will have a comfortable sleeping experience at the same time. It is available in 2 colors; both of them should easily meet all your needs and allow you a good experience.

The benefits do not stop here if you wondered what you are paying for. The sleeping bag does feature a small pocket. You can use the pocket for all your valuables and personal belongings. Since it is protected inside the sleeping bag, it will remain waterproof. Once folded, you can compress the sleeping bag with the use of compression straps.

Unfortunately, you will need to shell out a couple of bucks for it. It is a little more expensive than some of the others and could take some getting used to. Many people might oppose the use of down in sleeping bags, but it is the only way to get the right temperature rating for near-freezing temperatures. I would recommend it to professional campers and backpackers.

Why should you buy the WINNER OUTFITTERS Down Sleeping Bag?

  • Great for Very Cold Conditions
  • Waterproof
  • Inside Pocket for Valuables 

Sleeping Bag Buyers Guide

Most of the sleeping bags we selected are targeted at beginners. However, there are many more sleeping bag options available if you are willing to look for them. If you don’t like the above-mentioned options, we have a couple of features that will help you find the ones you might like. Here are some of the most important features to look for in the top sleeping bags:


One of the first things that come to mind when choosing any sleeping bag is the sleeping bag style. Should it be a quilt-style or a mummy sleeping bag? You will need to decide this when you start looking at the purpose of your sleeping bag.

  • Mummy: The mummy sleeping bag has a more snug fit, and it is designed to feel a little more congested. Much like you would imagine a mummy being wrapped up, your sleeping bag will also wrap you up in the same shape. The mummy sleeping bags are commonly reserved for colder temperatures and also have better temperature ratings.
  • Quilt-Style: The Quilt-style sleeping bag is much more common, and you will generally find it almost everywhere. Their larger shape can define these affordable sleeping bags, and they can unzip to take the form of your standard comforter. Many casual campers will choose them for the versatility they offer.

The quilt-style sleeping bag also includes a different shape that you will need to look for. These shapes vary and can be used for different purposes and give you different benefits. One of the most common options is the rectangular shape. It is the same form as the bed and can be completely unzipped if you need to use it as a comforter.

The semi-rectangular is also known as the modified mummy sleeping bags, and they include a hood. The hood will allow you to pull down cords to enclose yourself in the sleeping bag. However, they also have an envelope design.

Lastly, you have double bags. These can be larger rectangular shapes, but they can also be zipped together to form a double sleeping bag. They are a little heavier and more expensive but will work well when you are a couple. Additionally, they are perfect for those father and son moments.


Another key element is choosing the type of insulation you want for the sleeping bag. Most of the cheap sleeping bags have synthetic insulation. However, down sleeping bags have a better temperature rating, and they don’t have any cold spots. Before you buy a sleeping bag, here is a small breakdown of the two types of insulation:

  • Down: Down sleeping bags are a little more expensive. Since they are made from real feathers, there have been many environmental organizations trying to ban feathers in sleeping bags. However, down sleeping bags are much better at cold temperatures, and they have more durability. They are slightly lighter and are easier to compress for backpackers.
  • Synthetic: Synthetic filling is more common, and this can be anything from polyester to cotton, depending on the brand. They have a less durable rating but perform much better in wet conditions. Since the materials will be all synthetic, you won’t need to worry about allergens, and they will be machine washable.

We would also like to mention that when you do decide to choose a down sleeping bag, you should do some research. With the famous foie grass dish becoming more popular, illegal breeding and the force-feeding of ducks have become common. It is important to only buy from reputable brands that use registered farms for their down insulation.

Additionally, you might come across synthetic and down blends. These sleeping bags can be really versatile in most conditions. I have had a hard time finding one of them. However, they are available from certain brands.

Temperature Rating

The main reason for buying a sleeping bag is to have some comfort on your trip. Whether you are camping or backpacking, you need to have a decent temperature rating to ensure you have the right amount of comfort and protection. Sleeping bags are generally broken up into three different categories when it comes to their temperature ratings:

  • Summer: A summer sleeping bag is designed for warmer conditions, and it will have a temperature rating of 30-degrees or more.
  • 3-Season: If you need something for camping all season long, you could consider having a 3-season sleeping bag. They have a temperature rating that will vary between +15 and 30-degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Winter: For winter camping or an expedition to the Arctic, you’ll need to have the best possible protection. The winter sleeping bags are the best for this. They have a temperature rating of +15-degrees Fahrenheit or lower.

When you do a little bit of your own research, you will come across the ISO and the EN ratings. The EN ratings were generally the older method of rating a sleeping bag and the temperature that it can withstand. However, the new ISO rating is commonly used in the modern-day with some of the newer sleeping bags. You can find out more about the ISO and EN ratings to ensure you have the right sleeping bag for your needs.

Additionally, your sleeping bag will also be assigned a comfort rating. This comfort rating will play a major role in ensuring you get the best value for your money and the sleeping bag works for you. Then EXTREME rating is the highest you can find, and this is commonly reserved for some colder weather sleeping bags.

By understanding some of these many terms, you can get the right kind of sleeping bag, and your work will be that much easier. Each legitimate sleeping bag needs to go through these testing processes to ensure that it meets certain standards. This can also help you tell if it is fake or not.


Moving on to some of the less technical aspects of the sleeping bag, we also have the weight. You can keep the weight in mind if you need to keep it low. However, campers don’t really mind the weight if they will only be driving to the camping site and setting up camp.

As mentioned, down sleeping bags tend to be a little lighter than your common synthetic sleeping bag. They are easier to carry around, and they don’t have additional padding added to keep you fully insulated on the inside. The down fill power itself should offer more than enough padding for a little more comfort.

Size (Diameters)

One of the biggest variables in this buyer’s guide will be the size. Unfortunately, we cannot specify one specific weight size that will work for everyone. Children might not need such a large sleeping bag, and you can find something a little smaller for them. The size is a fundamental part of making sure you have some comfort on the inside.

Some of the brands we have on the list also have double sleeping bags. These sleeping bags have been designed to house 2 people. However, you should not only look at the width of the gear but the length as well. A sleeping bag should definitely be more than 80-inches in length if you are around 6-feet tall to ensure the best comfort.


Most of the common synthetic sleeping bags have been constructed from polyester. The grade and type will depend on the brand and have a huge influence on your overall price.

Occasionally, we find that nylon is also used for construction, but it is not as common since it does not dry out fast. Nylon works best with a down sleeping bag. Since these are commonly used in cold weather like ice, the potential of rain is not that high. However, you might find a blend of the two often as well.

Additionally, you also have the stitching to look at. At first, it was one of the parts that I neglected and have paid for it dearly. It can be expensive to stitch the sleeping bag in various patterns, but it will make a massive difference in the end. You will note that most of the top sleeping bags feature stitching pattern that cuts off the insulation from each other.

The reason for this is that if you do snag the sleeping bag, the integrity of the rest of the bag will remain intact. You might have one cold spot or weak spot in the sleeping bag, but the sleeping bag will fully insulate the rest. Additionally, we recommend double stitching for more longevity. It also makes the sleeping bag more durable, and it won’t wear out as often.


Since sleeping bags don’t take too much effort to design, you will certainly come across many fake brands if you are not careful. It is important to research your brand before buying it to see if the brand is legitimate. If you consider a down sleeping bag, it is imperative to do your brand research more diligently and find out where the down is coming from.


Before we look at a few of the accessories, you might want to consider looking at warranties as well. Most of the sleeping bags on the list are inexpensive, which does make them easier to replace. However, there is no need to waste money if it is not needed. A warranty will give you some peace of mind and ensure that your sleeping bag is protected from any manufacturing defects.

Sleeping Bag Features and Accessories

The basics are the most important of the features that we have selected, and the features we used are at the top of our priority list when selecting these bags. However, there are a few accessories you might also be interested in. Here are a few of these accessories that can take your sleeping bag to the next level:

  • Inner Lining: This was one of the accessories that could have been mandatory, but most of them are the same. Polyester is the common material used for the inner lining of most sleeping bags, but you might also like silk if you have the funds for an upgrade. Unfortunately, silk does lack some durability.
  • Pockets: We all have a couple of valuables that we carry along, and most of these are of an electronic nature. Since nature is unforgiving and does not care much about technology, you might need a pocket to store them in. Most sleeping bags will have a small pocket for this.
  • Built-in sleeping pads: One of the most expensive accessories you could add is the sleeping pad. It will make your sleeping experience a little more comfortable, but you also need to keep in mind that it will increase the weight.
  • Compression straps: Almost every sleeping bag I have ever used will have some bag used to carry it in when you are not using it. It might fit snug into your bag, but if you really want to keep the size down, a couple of compression straps will do the trick.
  • Velcro Protection: Velcro is not my favorite accessory, but it can help keep the sleeping bag fully enclosed. It will help to counteract potential breezes coming in from your tent and keep you insulated.
  • Zippers: If you don’t want to constantly deal with snags and your zippers being caught up in the materials, you might need to look for a brand that offers quality zippers. Additionally, zippers at the bottom could help in the summer to open up the sleeping bag for a breeze to pass through.

All of these accessories can be a little expensive and you should stick to your budget. If you do find a sleeping bag that has a few of them for a good price, you will be lucky. We have tried to incorporate sleeping bags with as many features and additional accessories as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having covered almost everything, there is to know about sleeping bags, you should now have a general grasp of the sleeping bag and its works. However, I found a few common questions that many people still have regarding sleeping bags. I hope that we have isolated all of your questions, and you will now be an “expert” in the field of sleeping bags:

What Is The Difference Between A Camping And Backpacking Sleeping Bag?

The camping sleeping bag can have a few more accessories, allowing it to be slightly heavier than your backpacking alternative. While both of them will serve the same purpose, the backpacking sleeping bag is designed for minimalists.

Most backpacking sleeping bags are made from down, and they have a durable polyester or nylon outer shell. This is to protect the bag from damages that may occur as you are backpacking or hiking along your route. I have also noticed that sleeping bags specifically designed for backpacking tend to be a little more expensive. Compression straps are also mandatory to keep the size down.

Are Sleeping Bags Machine Washable?

Not all sleeping bags are machine washable. The materials used for the sleeping bag and some of the inner filling will give you an indication. Synthetic sleeping bags are the best option if you want to wash them in the washing machine. However, you should also use cold water to ensure they do not shrink in size once they have been washed.

Down, on the other hand, can take an age to dry out. It is much better to wipe the sleeping bag, and if you want to wash it, you might need to consider a manual hand wash. It would be best if you left all sleeping bags to dry naturally and not put them in a tumble drier. This will definitely ruin them, and it could bulk up some of the insulation on one end. Your warranty will not cover this.

Are The EN And ISO Ratings Accurate?

As we have mentioned, the EN and ISO ratings are all standards that need to be followed. However, we cannot guarantee that they are always accurate. One thing I have also noticed is that the temperature ratings do not guarantee warmth either. You might need to consider testing a bag or at least doing something to compensate for if the rating is not completely accurate.

Can I Fit A Sleeping Pad In My Sleeping Bag?

If you have ever been on a camping trip, you should know that sleeping on the hard floor is not the best thing to do. Using a sleeping pad with your sleeping bag can be a lot more comfortable. It is much lighter than a mattress and can be folded like your sleeping bag to take up as little weight as possible.

Depending on the sleeping bag, it is possible to add a sleeping pad. However, not all sleeping bags will give you this luxury. The quilt-style sleeping bags with a rectangular shape have a lot more space inside, and they offer you the option to add a sleeping pad. On average, I believe having a width of around 29-inches should be sufficient for an average sleeping pad to fit comfortably

Are Sleeping Bags Antibacterial?

If you like to have everything clean, you might need to have an antibacterial inner lining. Whether your sleeping bag will be antibacterial will depend completely on the inner lining. Fortunately, you can use many great additives to spray on the lining to keep any pesticides away. You only need to make sure that you are not allergic to them yourself.

If you have been wondering, the feathers used in most down sleeping bags have been treated to keep pests away. However, you can always follow up to ensure that you keep all the pests from trying to get inside. It is another one of the main reasons you need to consider buying your down sleeping bag from a reputable buyer.


This might seem like a lot of information to take in, and for me, the best sleeping bags were rather daunting to understand. However, this guide should make it a little easier for you to find the right one to meet all of your needs. The TETON Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag is one of the best options for beginners, and it has all the features that advanced users might like. I have chosen it as the best option.

Our Top Pick
TETON Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag

TETON is a tried and tested brand, and this sleeping bag is no exception. It is of great quality and easy to roll up.

teton sports 101r sleeping bag
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