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Camp Chef Sherpa Camp Table and Organizer Review

The Bottom Line

The Camp Chef Sherpa Camp Table is a popular choice among camping enthusiasts with good reason. You’ll find that Camp Chef was able to create a product that is both durable and lightweight, with high build quality and more than enough space for you camping related kitchen gear.

camp chef sherpa camp table and organizer

At a Glance

  • Weight: 
  • Compact Dimensions: 
  • Expanded Dimensions: 
  • 13lbs
  • 16″ x 27″ x 18″
  • 16″ x 27″ x 28″
  • Number of Bags:
  • Material:
  • Waterproofing:
  • Four
  • Heavy-duty fabric (600D)
  • Yes (One Bag)

Are you tired of looking for the spatula or pancake mix in plastic storage totes or makeshift containers? The Camp Chef Sherpa Table was created to keep your camping kitchen organized in one area. The Sherpa is one of the most innovative cooking station tables we’ve examined, replete with color-coded storage bins that can be labeled. The Sherpa is more a cooking station than a portable kitchen cupboard system. It can organize, store, and carry everything from cutlery and non-perishables to ice and cleaning materials once it’s configured into its full-size, box-like shape.

The Sherpa gets its name from the Tibetan Sherpa. Who are world-renowned for their mountaineering skills and are commonly hired by tourists to organize and carry their mountaineering gear. It’s easy to see why this name was chosen for this camping table, as this unit also seeks to assist the traveler in transportation and organizing camping equipment.


The Camp Chef Sherpa Camp Table and Organizer is a moderate-sized yet relatively lightweight camping table that measures at around 16″ x 27″ x 18″ with the legs collapsed, or 16″ x 27″ x 28″ with legs extended. You can easily fit the Sherpa camping table into most SUV trunks or even on the back seat with these dimensions.


The Camp Chef Sherpa weighs in at 13 pounds when it comes to weight, which is impressively light, especially when considering the amount of weight that the table can support. The Camp Chef Sherpa Camp Table and Organizer can efficiently support a multitude of outdoor stoves.


On the inside, there are four compartment areas. You can remove the dividers on the bottom compartment area, which will reduce the compartments from four to three, but by doing so, you gain the ability to store your camping stove in the now-single bottom area.

A rear pocket area on the back of the Camp Chef Sherpa Camp Table and Organizer allows the hard-top area to be removed and stored inside it. You can also use this rear pocket for additional storage, should you opt to keep the hard-top in place.

While some camping tables require you to add your bags/containers to the inside storage area, the Camp Chef Sherpa Camping Table and Organizer comes with four high-quality material bags already included. One of the bags is slightly different from the others and contains a waterproof lining. This container is a great place to store food products (or ice) that may leak when transporting them. Each container bag also comes with a label holder on the front side, making it easy for you to know what you’re grabbing when you dig into the organizer. Additionally, a grab handle on the containers makes it easy for you to carry around the campsite.

The construction is particularly impressive, with high-quality materials and zips used throughout the design. The containers themselves feel rugged and durable on the inside and out – with little fear of tearing or damage from most traditional use. The insides are padded and also hold form well.

camp chef sherpa table

Is this product for you?

So the product sounds great, but will it work for your intents and purposes? We’ve found that the Camp Chef Sherpa is a versatile camping table that suits several uses. Whether you’re a regular picnic goer or a die-hard camper, you’re bound to get a ton of use from the Sherpa.

Because the size is relatively compact, it means that you don’t need to own a trailer or a pickup truck to make use of it. Whether you’re going away camping for an extended period of time or just heading out to the woods for a barbeque with some friends, the Sherpa will be able to fulfill your requirements.

Despite its relatively small size and low weight, this isn’t something you’re going to want to carry with you on a long hike. 

Overview of Features

Resistance and Endurance

The Camp Chef Sherpa camp table and organizer has the advantage of being stable thanks to its rectangular form and premium structure which consists of heavy-duty fabric (600D) and a metal frame. You should remember that this table/organizer is relatively low to the ground, even once the legs are extended. While this low form improves stability through a lower center point of gravity, it does mean that taller individuals may find it tough to spend a lot of time using the stovetop without seating.

When completely laden, the Sherpa’s box-like form prevents it from wobbling or tipping. The stability goes a long way if you are someone who enjoys preparing a meal while on a camping trip. Overall, the steadiness of this table was in the top tier. Compared to other cook stations, the Sherpa dominated the competition in this regard.

camp chef sherpa camp table


The Sherpa’s base weight is outstanding for its size. The manufacturer used the fabric of 600 deniers and all-aluminum tables and frames. As mentioned above, you are looking at a sturdy table/organizer with a metal frame and denier fabric. It is assuring to know that you should be able to carry it around with little to no effort using the ergonomic handles that you will find at the sides. Not only that, but we didn’t detect any physical damage as we were transporting the table/organizer from one spot to another. 

Physical Resilience

There were no significant difficulties with physical resilience on the table. Certain areas are of possible concern if one considers all risk scenarios, but it’s not something we are concerned about. While the build quality is excellent, we would have liked to have seen double-stitching to just take it up one more notch. To say the least, it offers good durability for the price it costs.

How to Use it?

The Camp Chef Sherpa Camp Table and Organizer requires some work during the initial setup, which can be done quickly by following Camp Chef’s video below, detailing the process:

Once the initial setup is complete, the process going forward is a straightforward one. The camping table has two primary forms: the more compact form with the legs tucked in and the extended legs form that you will be using when you’re out camping.

Getting the camping table from its storage position into an extended leg position only takes a few seconds as the legs can be extended with a gentle pull, which will then become latched into place. To store again after use, you can simply press the release pin on the legs and slide them back up.


  • Set at a reasonable price
  • Offers explicit stability with a low-base
  • Simple to set up, features necessary instructions
  • Comes with four organizer cubes
  • Suitable for cooking in the nature


  • Prone to tear/wear, burn marks over extended periods

Wrap Up

The Camp Chef Sherpa Camp Table and Organizer has been around for some years now, and in that time, it’s become a favorite for campers across America. We’re easily able to see why this product has seen so much success, as it combines ease of use, durable construction, and handy features. If you’re on the market for a camping table, consider this a good choice.

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