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The 10 Best Camping Tables

In this article, we explore some of the best camping tables and how they could potentially make life easier for you. These tables have been extensively tested and we’ve included a buyer’s guide at the end of the article to help you with your purchase decision. Many years of camping experience and a lot of conversations with regular campers have informed our choices of products for this list.

Our Top Pick
Coleman 4-in-1 Adjustable Height Folding Table

This table is super versatile and can be used in many different ways. Made from durable aluminum, it is perfect for your next camping trip!

Coleman Pack away 4 in 1

Types of Camping Tables – Know What you Need

The first thing you need to consider is the type of table that you’ll be buying. There are numerous different types of tables, but finding the best camping table for you will require that you understand your needs. You effectively need to decide between 3 different tables and these include utility, dining, and cooking tables. Here is a small description of each to ensure you find the right one:

  • Utility Table: The utility table is the first table and probably the most common option that many people actually choose. It is mostly flat and does not have any real features for cooking. Since these one-piece tables are so simple, they are commonly used by beginners and those who simply need a place to store a few things.
  • Dining Tables: A dining table is slightly higher to allow sitting with your legs underneath. These tables are a little longer and also slightly bigger to allow for more comfort when dining. Some of them have foldable chairs already included and occasionally, you have a hook above for your night light. However, they also seem to be pretty straightforward.
  • Cooking Table: Lastly, we have the cooking table and this is the more intricate of the 3 options. These are often intended to house your portable grill and form the base of your camp kitchen. It has been designed from top quality materials and it has many smaller tables included. Some advanced features like utensil holders can be found. Generally, they are slightly more expensive and heavier to carry around. However, they are great for home use as well.

For our list of the best camping tables we’ve selected tables from all 3 these categories. For your convenience, we’ve grouped them together below. If you know what you need, feel free to jump to there right now:

The Best Utility Camping Tables

A utility table is arguably the first camping table you’ll buy, so we’re starting our list with them. These tables come in all shapes and sizes and are great all-rounders, intended to provide you with functional work and storage spaces on any camping adventure. Below are some of the best utility outdoor camping tables available on the market:

1. Coleman Pack-Away 4-in-1 Adjustable Height Folding Camping Table

Coleman Pack away 4 in 1
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Type: Utility
  • Weight: 13.5 lbs
  • Dimensions: 32.2 x 6.2 x 8.3 in


The Coleman Pack-Away 4-in-1 Adjustable Height Folding Camping Table is the first table that we have on this list. It has been constructed with a durable aluminum frame. Using aluminum not only ensures the table is great when it comes to durability but also helps to keep the weight to a minimum. It has less weight, it means you can actually use the table for more endeavors.

This table is a lot more versatile than you might think. It can be converted into 4 different table types, which means you can use it as a buffet table at home as well. However, the most fascinating feature is the fact that it can be converted into two smaller tables. These tables can be adjusted by height and we have effectively used them with a camping chair to comfortably eat.

The table features a mosaic type laminated top and this will ensure it can also look quite stylish when you have it set up for your guests at home. With durable brackets, the stability is off the chart and this will ensure the table will be solid when you use it under heavy pressure. While the tables can be adjusted to meet all of your needs in terms of height, the feet are fully adjustable to ensure the table remains level at all times.

As for the storage, this table is really great when you need to save some space. Even though it does not take up too much space when unpacked, the table also folds into its very own storage case. At just over 12-pounds, anyone should be able to carry the tables when you are unloading the car. According to the manufacturer, it has a massive capacity of around 300-pounds, which means you can basically sit on the table if needed. However, this is not actually recommended.

Using this table, the standout feature probably was the overall functionality and versatility that is on offer. This makes life that much easier and you don’t need to buy different tables for different events. Basically, this table should be able to handle all of your needs. While many people prefer using it for their backyard BBQ, it is generally ideal for camping purposes.

The table is not really waterproof and this is one thing that we have a problem with. Leaving it out in the rain, it did not show any weaknesses or even develop any rust, but the materials did get soaked, which made the table tough to use. Since the upper surface is slippery, it is not recommended for those who use it in the wet weather conditions. However, this comes with another plus side, which allows you to simply and effectively clean it without too many troubles.

Coleman is one of the most reputable brands on the market today. Many people might think it is really expensive, but this table is fairly priced when you look at all the extensive features and the versatility on display. It comes with a limited 1-year warranty against manufacturer defect, giving you more than enough time to test the table. We would highly recommend it to all campers and for many of your home BBQ’s.

Why should you buy the Coleman Folding Camping Table?

  • Very Versatile
  • 300 lbs Weight Capacity
  • Converts into 4 Different Tables

Available on Amazon

2. Trekology Portable Camping Side Table

  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Type: Utility
  • Weight: 1.8 – 3.2 lbs
  • Dimensions: Varies


If you find yourself needing something small, the Trekology Portable Camping Side Table can be one of your very best options to consider. It is much smaller than most of the other tables and lower as well. The aluminum construction gives it the durability needed to withstand most weather conditions and also means it works well when the weather turns bad.

As you might have noticed, the table is available in a wide array of different sizes and this means the weight and dimensions will vary. However, the low profile design remains the same to ensure that it can be used with your chair. The idea of the construction was to actually allow you to place your drinks on the table instead of having them in the chair.

According to the manufacturer, each of these tables has the capacity to hold up to 50-pounds of weight if needed. However, we did not really test it to the number. It can be folded like most of the rollout tables when you are done. The carry bag is really effective and easy to use, allowing you to store the table when you are done and carry it along.

The largest one of these tables is a mere 3.8-pound. This is something we do keep in mind since it also means that the camping table can be used by backpackers. Most backpackers like a foldable table to ensure they save on the additional carry weight of long hikes. The carry bag is really easy to strap to your backpack when you don’t have enough space inside.

One of my favorite parts is the design and instead of the standard silver aluminum that we have become used to, the table can be found in many different metallic colors. It is also weather resistant to virtually anything you might throw at it and the rain should not affect your table or even make it weaker. It is safe to say that the design is actually fully waterproof.

One of the concerns is the lower height of only 16-inches. While it might still be ideal for you when dining, the table is a little low for some of the taller individuals. You might need to spend some time getting used to it if you are used to some of the other tables on this list, but eventually, it should not really make any real difference to an old camper.

As we have already mentioned, the Trekology Portable Camping Side Table is a side table and not one of the largest camping tables. This also means that the price is much more affordable. Many people like to have it as part of a decoration on their patio as well. We would certainly recommend it as part of your camping and even your backpacking gear.

Why should you buy the Trekology Side Table?

  • Different Size Options
  • Different Metalic Color Options
  • Durability

Available on Amazon

3. Camp Chef Sherpa Table

Camp Chef Sherpa Camp
  • Frame: Aluminum & Fabric
  • Type: Utility
  • Weight: 13.45 lbs
  • Dimensions: 25.5 x 16.5 x 9 in


The Camp Chef Sherpa Table is another unique table that actually stands out from the rest. It has also been constructed from aluminum for the most part to ensure durability, but with the fabric being added to the side, it gives the table a unique twist that can be used for storing some of your items away from the weather conditions and freeing up space around the camp or tent.

The rollout design type is one of the common types we generally see. These tables can fold up much smaller when the briefcase design and are also a little easier to carry. However, they do take some more time to effectively set up and then break down. Fortunately, we generally have some time to spare on our camping trips as they are considered a break from the rush of the city.

Aside from the durable construction and the sturdy base, you also have 4 compartments that have been integrated for your briefcase storage. These can actually be closed up with a zipper on the front end of the fabric covers. We have tested them to be water-resistant and should stop most of the water from actually getting inside and actually ruining your bags.

According to the manufacturer, this table also has an extendable lower part that can be used for storing your camping stove. It is one of the most stylish options and the design will certainly make a massive difference to those who love camping in bad weather conditions. However, it is not recommended that you leave it outside for the entire night when it is raining.

At around 13.5-pounds, it is much lighter than many of the other options as well. This means that the short-trip backpacker might consider it a great addition to carry along for their trip. The sizing is more than enough to store most of your dishes and even some of the gear utensils needed for your backyard barbecue when you have a few guests over.

4 bags have been included as well and these fit snug into the compartments. We were quite relieved to find out that the blue bag is actually insulted and should keep your ice cool for a short while. It might not be the best bags for food, but it could be used to keep most of the things out of your way when needed.

Unfortunately, you cannot use it as a dining table and if you are like me, you might like to have a functional table that is used for dining and for storing most of the stuff, you use. You might need to invest in some of the best camping chairs for this purpose. One thing that we can say is that no inch has been spared when it comes to the quality of the materials.

Compared to many of the previous tables, this one does have a much higher price tag. However, we do not see any reason why you should not give it a try. The inclusion of the bags also makes it better when you need to store some of your food items, as some of them have been insulated as well. This table is definitely for the heavy camper.

Why should you buy the Camp Chef Sherpa Table?

  • Durable Construction
  • Sturdy Base
  • 4 Bags Included

Available on Amazon

The Best Dining Camping Tables

A dining camping table has one distinct feature that sets it apart from utility tables above: it is high and large enough that an average adult can actually slide their legs underneath the table and dine from it. Some smart designs in modern camping tables actually have adjustable height legs and can be lowered to serve as a utility table or lifted for dining. here are some of our top picks:

4. ALPS Mountaineering Dining Table

Alps Mountaineering
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Type: Dining
  • Weight: 12 lbs
  • Dimensions: 28 x 43 x 28 in


The ALPS Mountaineering Dining Table is another excellent option. This table also has a simple and effective folding feature that many people might like added. Instead of a square frame, the aluminum X-frame gives the table a lot more stability; it also helps to keep the weight of the table to a minimum and adds some durability.

Since it weighs in at only 12-pounds, it is one of the easiest models to carry around, but the folding is one of my favorite features. Each of the panels can be stacked upon one another, which makes the table really easy to carry with a carry bag. This bag comes with a strap and can be carried on your shoulder to help make the trip easier.

Where most tables include side supports, this model does not have this included. It actually makes it much more functional and gives you a lot more space to use. As we have mentioned, all the stability and durability have been contained in the functional X-frame. This design makes it easier for taller campers to slide under the table without too much effort as well.

Since the table is also available in multiple different sizes, it is hard to give you the direct dimensions of the table. The massive extra-large size is really great for those with an extended family, but the square version is slightly more affordable. This definitely makes it possible for anyone with any type of need to actually use the table.

Cleaning is also something that you need to keep in mind with these tables. This one is really easy to clean. It has also been coated to make it functional for use in the rain. However, you might occasionally find a few things sliding off. With a stylish table mat, you might find the table great for use in even wet weather conditions.

As with camping chairs, this table can be tricky sometimes to get back into the bag. Once you have done this the first time, you will know where everything goes and it will be a breeze.

ALPS Mountaineering is one of the older companies when it comes to camping and even the outdoor industry. The company has been based on the reputation of old elite campers and they constantly strive to provide more and better quality products. This table is one of their most versatile options and we could find, especially the different available sizes.

Depending on the size of the table you choose, this option will actually work well for you if you need to stick to a very tight budget. The larger option might be a little expensive, but this will be worth it when you have numerous family members joining on the trip. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind against manufacturer defects.

Why should you buy the ALPS Mountaineering Dining Table?

  • Simple and Effective Folding
  • Stable and Sturdy
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Available on Amazon

5. KingCamp Camp Table

Kingcamp Camping Table
  • Frame: Aluminum & Steel
  • Type: Dining
  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • Dimensions: 42 x 28 x 28 in


The KingCamp Camp Table is one of my favorite basic tables. It has been constructed from steel and aluminum, with the aluminum making up the panels on the top of the table. Having steel for the legs might be a bit heavier, but still offers you some decent durability and stability when you are camping in bad weather conditions.

Durability is one of the main focus points for this table and it features a massive 176-pound weight capacity. This is almost the strongest table we have on this list when you need to add a few heavy items on top. Additionally, the aluminum has been heat-treated to ensure more durability and the heat resistant feature makes it perfect for cooking with your portable stove.

I find the height to be perfect for the average person when it comes to sliding under the table as you are sitting. Once you are done, the panels can be folded and all the parts will fit into a smart Oxford carry bag. This bag is really durable and also makes you look a little more like a professional camper when among some of your mates.

According to the manufacturer, this specific table is fine for 4-6 people, but we did find that 4 people will have a little more comfort when using it. This might be because of the slim design and when you are dining, you might need a little space. However, 2 children can be added to the fray if you need to test the 6-person feature.

To our surprise, there are no real flaws to the table. If you need a camping table that should actually meet all of your specific needs, this one might be a great option. All of the features hold up well and the design is also rather basic. Keeping it simple has always been a great camping motto to ensure you don’t need to worry about more things that could go wrong.

The price might be a little expensive for some people, but if you want to have the perfect table, you also need to be willing to spend a little more to ensure that you actually do get the best value for your money. It does come with a limited 1-year warranty for some peace of mind, but we doubt that you will actually need to make use of this warranty.

Why should you buy the KingCamp Camp Table?

  • 176 lbs Weight Capacity
  • Perfect Dining Height
  • Simple and Effective

Available on Amazon

6. Camp Time Roll-A-Table

Camp time Roll A table
  • Frame: Aluminum & Wood
  • Type: Dining
  • Weight: 11 lbs
  • Dimensions: 32 x 32 x 28 in


If you need a different type of table, the Camp Time Roll-A-Table can actually be one of your best friends. This table has been constructed from aluminum once again for the frame. However, the slats on top have been carefully constructed from wood, which means the table can be a little heavier when it does take on a little too much water.

The table has a maximum weight capacity of 100-pounds, which is more than enough for anyone who is barbecuing on the weekends with a few drinks. Like many of the tables, this one also folds with the slats stacking upon one another to make life a little easier for you. All of this will be stored in a carry bag to help you when you need to move it around on camping trips.

The square design might not be the largest, but once again, there is no side supports added. This means the table can be great for taller individuals as there are no obstructions near the knee area. It seats 4 people with ease, with more than enough space for each one to dine at the same time if you like to recreate sitting at your home table.

The setup of the table is one of the fastest we have tested. The slats can easily be unfolded and you don’t really need any special training to do this the correct way. Once you are done unfolding, the legs will be screwed on with ease, which means the table will be sturdy and ready for you to use for all your camping and storage purposes.

The features that actually grabbed our attention is the pocket that has been integrated. This pocket actually works well for your utensils and you no longer need to store them on the table. You can also fold the table with the utensils in this pocket, removing the need for you to have an additional cutlery holder that could also take up more space in your car when camping.

The downside is that even though the wood has been carefully laminated, we have seen it sustain a little bit of water over the longer run. As the table gets older, a little bit of water might occasionally creep into the table and this could be frustrating to many of the campers. The table does become somewhat heavier and we are afraid that the wood might even rot in the long run. However, this has not happened as of yet.

For the small size, it might also be a little heavier than expected in general. However, this is all due to wood being used in the construction. The upside is that wood is really durable and functional. It also makes the table look more stylish and should give you more peace of mind as well. You will need to decide if it is actually worth it.

This table is a little more expensive than some of the others we have seen so far. However, the wood is the key determining factor and makes it stand out from the rest. It remains a stylish option for many people. It does come with a warranty as well, giving you some additional peace of mind to ensure you can effectively use the table when needed.

Why should you buy the Camp Time Roll-A-Table?

  • No Cross Slats
  • Fast Setup
  • Integrated Pocket

Available on Amazon

The Best Cooking Camping Tables

Cooking tables are more complex and custom-designed to be used as the centerpiece of your kitchen area while camping. These tables typically sport a lot more specific features than just a flat surface for placing objects on. They are heavier and more complex to set up but bring a level of comfort, and dare we say luxury, to any camp that sets them apart from the tables above. Here are some of our favorite designs:

7. GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Cook Station

GCI Outdoors
  • Frame: Aluminum & Steel
  • Type: Cooking
  • Weight: 18.9 lbs
  • Dimensions: 52 x 21 x 32 in


One of my all-time favorite tables is the GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Camp Kitchen Portable Folding Cook Station. This table is one of the most unique options and it has been constructed from steel and aluminum materials. The steel has also been powder coated; making it much more resilient when it comes to weather and it will also help with rust.

Since the table has multiple different storage stands, it also means that it can hold more weight than many of the other tables. Each one can be unfolded as you need to use it, but you don’t need to have everyone unfolded at the same time, giving you the ability to also use the table in some of the smaller areas that you find yourself.

The stylish design is something that you don’t always see and once it has been set up, it should draw in people from the other camping areas to explore. Once you are done using the table, it will elegantly fold into a small briefcase that you can carry around without any troubles. It might be heavier than usual, but most people should be able to still handle it.

Since most of the table has been constructed from aluminum, it is also water-resistant and this means you can use it when out in the wet weather conditions. It is not even slippery and nothing should slide off when it does get wet. If you happen to have a few spills, it can easily be cleaned and wiped to ensure it is ready for the next time you need to use it.

Another excellent feature that adds to the overall durability is the fact that all these tables are heat resistant. Since they are heat resistant, you can also pack some of your hot pans on it when you are ready to dish up. Multiple hooks also make life much easier and allow you to store some of your utensils as well as your garbage bags, making this an all-in-one unit for the avid camper.

Weight can be somewhat of an issue if you are looking to camp as light as possible. It is rather easy to fold and pack away when you need to have it ready in a couple of seconds. Another problem is that chairs cannot be used with this table, which does not make it great for dining and you might need to buy a separate dining table for your camping trips.

It is also worth noting that this is one of the more expensive options currently on the market today. However, all these features will not be any cheaper when you buy a different camping table. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty that keeps you protected and it makes the perfect table for storing some of your stuff when camping. We would highly recommend it to the avid camper and those who actually need more packing space.

Why should you buy the GCI Slim-Fold Cook Station?

  • Multiple Storage Stands
  • Durability
  • Water-Resistant

Available on Amazon

8. Coleman Pack-Away Deluxe Portable Kitchen

Coleman Deluxe Camping Table
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Type: Cooking
  • Weight: 36.5 lbs
  • Dimensions: 73.3 x 19.7 x 79 in


If you are looking for the ultimate cooking table for your camping trips, the Coleman Pack-Away Deluxe Portable Kitchen is one of the top options that we have on this list. Aluminum seems to be the theme of the day for most of these tables and it has also been integrated by Coleman, who might be considered the best brand on the market today.

The design of the table is unique and it features a state of the art sink that has been added. This means the table can be used for some of your washing as well. However, this sink can be removed when needed and you have some more space left on the table when needed. It is also worth noting that this is the largest of all the tables we actually tested.

Not only do you have one table, but also a secondary table has been included. This table is designed to work with your cooking stove and should allow you to easily cook without having any troubles. If the stove is placed correctly, it won’t do any damages to the materials and allow you to cook without any interruption as well.

We love the additional lantern holder that is added. This will work with virtually any lighting piece you have. It should make the table ideal for cooking any time of the day. An additional utensil holder is attached to the side, but this can also be used as a dustbin for some of the food when you are preparing your meals before actually cooking.

Condiment shelves and hooks are part of the design and this will make the table really functional for you when using it for dishing up at your party. As with most Coleman tables, it folds perfectly into a suitcase that should make it easier for you to carry around. However, the additional table does not fit into this suitcase.

The positives of this table are off the chart and it is seen as one of the best options for those who are serious about cooking on their camping trips. It makes life much easier and with the stove table, you can actually prepare the meals. However, the stove has not been included and can be a little expensive to actually buy separately.

One of the downsides is definitely the weight. This table has a heavy weight and it might not be the best or most effective option if you are looking to keep it light. However, these features will spike the weight of any camping table you buy. It might also be a little tricky to set up if you don’t put in a little bit of practice when receiving it at home.

All these features do add up and this is why it is also one of the more expensive versions we have included on the list. It might not be the ideal dining table, but your inner chef should enjoy cooking with it. The standard Coleman 1-year limited warranty is also included, which should give you some additional peace of mind if you are serious about using it heavily for camping.

Why should you buy the Coleman Deluxe Portable Kitchen?

  • Ultimate Cooking Table
  • Sink Added
  • Lantern Holder

Available on Amazon

9. CampLand Aluminum Height Adjustable Folding Table

Campland outdoor
  • Frame: Aluminum & Fabric
  • Type: Cooking
  • Weight: 24.5 lbs
  • Dimensions: 58 x 16 x 31.7 in


Our next table is also a decent cooking table used by many chefs who love the outdoors. The CampLand Aluminum Height Adjustable Folding Table and this is one of the latest models that has been released on the market. It features a unique design with multiple storage tables and foldouts to help give you more functionality when cooking.

The MDF tabletop is not only resilient but also does not allow anything to slide around when you have to deal with wet weather conditions. Since aluminum has also been used in the construction of it, it should be resistant to the weather anyways. We have tested it to be rust resistant when left outside for quite a significant amount of time.

A small compartment is added to the table and this is recommended for your foods that cannot spoil. The mesh cover will keep it protected from any potential bugs and when you have a decent cooler; it can be placed inside to keep the food fresh for an extended period of time. However, you should not forget to remove the food once you are done.

What we love about the table is the fact that it is actually so simple and easy to set up. You can set the table up in a matter of minutes without any real training. All of the stands are already included and the table works to your favor when you need additional space to store some of the condiments as people are dishing up.

A double lantern holder is attached with hooks, but it will work with any of your portable lighting equipment to allow you to use the table during the nigh times as well. We might not have mentioned, but it is an extremely stylish table that can be used outdoors by you and your friends for a local barbecue at home.

The downside is the weight and when we are camping, we always try to keep the weight on the downside to ensure the table can easily be moved from one area to another. At just over 24-pounds, this can be a little tricky for you to effectively do when you don’t have an added hand to help you, especially for the female campers.

As for the price, this is also a new model and has been recently released, which means it does have some of the latest tech included. The table is really stylish and quite expensive, but we believe that the price does justify the product when looking at all these features. A highly recommended table might become one of your favorite camping tools.

Why should you buy the CampLand Folding Table?

  • Multiple Storage Foldouts
  • Backsplash
  • Double Lantern Holder

Available on Amazon

10. Camco Deluxe Folding Grill Camping Table

Camco Deluxe Grill Table
  • Frame: Aluminum $ Steel
  • Type: Cooking
  • Weight: 6 lbs
  • Dimensions: 37.5 x 20.3 x 6 in


Last but certainly not least, we have the Camco Deluxe Folding Grill Table and we are ending the list with an affordable kitchen camping table. The table also includes steel as part of the frame, but aluminum is the preferred material when it comes to the tabletop. These two materials will give you the perfect balance between the weight and overall durability.

It can be set up in less than one minute, with many other stands that are coming from the sides to give you even more space. The sides that fold out is perfect for dining and you can actually use them for a romantic dining experience at your home. We believe this adds to the overall versatility that is brought to you by this table.

For a camping table, this foldable option has more than enough hooks. You might not really know what these hooks are for, but they serve a purpose. We generally use them for holding some of the utensils, or even to store the dirty bags when prepping food for the grill. Yes, the grill can be used on the aluminum counter if you have a safe stovetop.

Since this table folds down to only 6-inches in length, it does make it really simple and easy to store it when you are done. The weight is around 6-pounds and some of the avid backpackers might even consider using it when they have shorter trips. However, this will all be up to you and if you have some additional space to carry it along.

It does not have any real fancy or high-end features that many people expect. This does mean that it also does not have any of the same flaws many other tables have. It is much more basic an simple, even the average beginner with limited experience can use it for camping or simply tailgating with a few friends.

Lastly, the price is really affordable and this has been backed by a limited 1-year warranty. If you don’t need all the fancy holders and storage units, this table should certainly do the basic jobs for you. We would definitely recommend it to anyone in the market for a brand new camping table with a stylish and functional design.

Why should you buy the Camco Grill Camping Table?

  • Affordable Kitchen Table
  • Set Up in Less Than 1 Minute
  • Versatile

Available on Amazon

Key Features To Consider When Buying A Camping Table

By now you should have somewhat of an idea which table you like and the top features that have made it stand out from the rest of the crowd. However, we used a certain set of features to judge the top tables and knowing it could help you as well. If you are looking for a different camping table, you should consider looking at these features to ensure you get the best value for your money:

Construction Materials:

The material is another important factor to consider and you will need to look for the best possible durability you could find. As you might have seen reading through these camping table reviews, most of them are constructed from aluminum. Aluminum is lightweight and offers a lot of durability, but aircraft-grade aluminum is probably the best to help you withstand the weather conditions as well.

Another common material is steel. Yes, it might be a little more durable than aluminum, but sometimes it is not coated. This leaves it vulnerable and exposed to the elements and you might need to eventually deal with some rust buildup. It is also worth keeping in mind that steel is slightly heavier and might not offer you the same versatility. If you are a backpacker, you will be much better off sticking to something like aluminum.

Table Weight:

The weight is also directly related to the materials that have been used on the table. If the table is too heavy and made from steel, it can be a real pain for you to move and actually transport comfortably. The lighter your table, the more you can do with it. It also makes it possible for you to move the table with much more ease.

The standard for camping tables is around 15-pounds and this is simply a rough estimate that we drew up when comparing some of the elite options. However, your elite cooking tables can be much heavier, but they are not designed for moving around frequently. This is one of the more important aspects that you need to give some of your attention to when buying.

Portability And Sturdiness:

The portability feature refers to how easy it is for you to transport the table and when it has been folded, you need to look at the overall size. Having a portable table is great when you have to walk with it for miles or constantly move it around. However, you will be giving up some of your durability when sacrificing some of the weight.

It is also worth noting that some of the most portable tables will lack sturdiness and this is another minor feature to look out for. Nothing can be more frustrating than having a table that is constantly rocking around and falling over. Additionally, you might consider having adjustable legs or even adding some new ones to your existing table. This allows you to use the table even when the terrain is not really well suited for it.

Set Up Mechanism and Time:

While most of these tables can be fairly easy to set up, you might occasionally find one or two that has a few problems. You can sort this out at home before going on your trip. Since the table can be used at home or for your backyard BBQ, you can set it up and use it as you would when you are camping. This should give a decent indication of the quality.

Always be sure to check the instructions. Occasionally, we have set up a few tables and minor flaws did occur. This is simply because we forgot to add a few things like the bracket with the initial set up process. Eventually, you should be skilled and these tables should not take your more than a minute to have ready when camping.


When it comes to outdoor living and even the equipment, brand plays a much bigger role than many people do actually think. Most brands spend a lot of time and money to improve their technology and to compete with one another. However, you should also stick to these top brands with a decent reputation or at least some experience.

These tables can be quite easy to reproduce by some of the fake brands and you might end up with a plastic table. Nothing can be more frustrating than a plastic table that lacks the overall durability you need on your trip. Doing some brand research should be easy with all the information now available on the internet.


The durability aspect can be highly debated, but you need to keep in mind what the purpose is of you actually buy one of these tables. If you are cooking on the table, the heat-resistant feature will be one of your very best friends. A normal camping table might not need this feature as it is commonly used for storing a few things around the camp.

We also prefer looking for a table to be water-resistant. The weather might make a turn for the worse at any moment and you don’t always have the time to fold it. To ensure you don’t need to worry about it like you would if the wood has been used, you need to look for a waterproof coating. Most of the tables we have selected on this list have been tested for the waterproof feature.

Table Size and Surface Area:

The size of the table is another key feature, but this is mostly for those who need a dining table. If you do choose a dining table, you need to check the recommendation and how many people it has been designed for. Some of the larger tables are mostly cooking tables, but a normal rectangle should be perfect for 4 people.

We have seen some that are larger and the options we included will actually give you the opportunity to find a larger version if that is what you are looking for. However, this means it might be more expensive and you also need to worry about the weight once again. The size of the table will probably be determined by the purpose of what it was made for.


Why not look for a few accessories as well when you are buying your new camping table. These foldable tables have accessories like storage compartments that make it easier for you to store some of your food away from the bugs. Luggage can be removed from the tent and stored in some of them, giving you additional space to work with.

We like the lantern holders that make it possible to use these tables at night. Additionally, your cooking tables have many more great accessories that will be handy for most users. The utensil holders and even a few of the bins that many of them feature can help simplify your life. However, we do not recommend paying extra for too many of the accessories. Many years of camping have taught me that you can always make a plan and they are seldom used.

Weight Capacity:

The weight capacity is one of those minor features. You need to have a capacity of around 30-pounds, but if you will not be placing heavy items on the table, there is no need to go any higher. Some of the tables we have included can hold up to 200-pounds, but this not one of the features that we consider as part of the most important choices.


Since the camping table is not considered the most important part of your camping gear, we did actually try to focus on keeping the prices to a minimum when we can. There is no need to buy an expensive table if you are not an avid camper. However, this also hinges on your usage of the table for a Sunday barbecue at home with friends.

The camping table should fit into your budget and if you are an avid camper, you might find it useful to shell out a couple of extra bucks for a more advanced table. Some of the latter tables on this list have been designed for the avid campers looking to buy the best. It should probably be a cooking table that you buy if you can.


Technology is not all that common in these tables and this means they do not really need to have extended warranties. However, we do occasionally find a table that has some unique features and this will be when you need to look for a decent warranty to keep you fully protected at all times. The smaller tables mostly have 1-year warranties.

As for the large cooking tables, you can look for something bigger. However, only the elite brands have the best warranties and it also spikes the price quite significantly. An avid camper might want to pay the additional couple of bucks to be protected for the rest of their life. This will definitely help if you know the table will be used in strenuous conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We always try to cover as many of the aspects as possible when it comes to camping and making your life a little easier. Once again, this FAQ section should cover most of the important questions that you might have about these camping tables. Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to camping tables:

Can I use my camping stove on the table?

The camping stove is an important kit in the arsenal of many campers. It features advanced tech that makes it possible to cook your food when you are on the go. If you use a steel or aluminum camping table, you won’t have any real problems when it comes to adding a camping stove. However, plastic might not be the best idea.

As we have already mentioned, if you can find the heat resistant feature included, it should definitely make your life easier and give you some peace of mind. You also need to ensure the stove does not accidentally tip over and avoid cooking with an open flame near any fabric materials. In short, you can use a camping stove with the right table.

Are there any maintenance requirements?

I personally understand the frustration of constant maintenance on your equipment. I love climbing and you always have a few safety checks to do. However, these tables don’t require any real maintenance that you need to do. If the table has been coated, you might need to reapply the coating from time to time, but that is the only real maintenance.

The brackets and the hinges are generally covered by the warranty, which means they will be replaced if you have any problems. It won’t do any harm to clean the table every now an again. Clean equipment always lasts longer and should allow you to look more professional as a camper in general. We always hose down and wash the tables after using them.o


While there are many options to consider, these tables are some of the very best and we would recommend them to any camper. Coleman and ALPS Mountaineering are two of the elite brands, but the others work just as well.

Let us know in the comments below which of the tables you have used and if you agree with this list. We would love to test any other suggestions that you might have.

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Coleman 4-in-1 Adjustable Height Folding Table

This table is super versatile and can be used in many different ways. Made from durable aluminum, it is perfect for your next camping trip!

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