The 10 Best Family Tents

Camping, as we all know it has changed a lot since the start of the old tents used by the Native Americans. Smaller tents were the main source of accommodation in the wild and everyone tried to slowly increase the sizes as they got resources and learned a couple of new tricks of the survival trade through the years.

However, we have now reached a point where the sizes of tents have been fundamentally increased to allow families to easily enjoy them and have a comfortable camping experience in one tent. The best family tent can range in size with various features that set them apart from one another and this is why people struggle to find the right one.

Our Top Pick
TETON Sports Mesa Canvas Tent

A perfect tent for any season.

The tent can be used in any season and it makes for an ideal tent for families and large groups of people.

teton Sports MESA 14 Canvas Cabin Tent

We have rounded up some of our favorite and more popular family tents on the market, to make your purchasing decisions easier. Now, you can find out what the best family tents are and how to choose them.

Best Family Tents On The Market Today

Aside from the shape of the tent, there are a couple of important other features that you need to consider before simply buying one. Here are the top tents for families and larger groups on the market today

1. TETON Sports Mesa Canvas Tent

teton Sports MESA 14 Canvas Cabin Tent
  • Size: 6-8 People
  • Weight: 64-pounds
  • Type: Cabin Style

Teton Sports is one of the leading brands you can choose when it comes to the outdoor lifestyle. The TETON Sports Mesa Canvas Tent is a tent that has a lot of resiliency and will show you exactly what the brand has been made of. It has been made from canvas materials and this allows users to use it in warmer conditions, due to the cooler atmosphere.

With an overall height of almost 78-inches, it is one of the taller tents on the market today and this means you can easily walk inside without having to constantly bend over. Since cotton has been integrated, I found that it can actually block out the daylight, which allows you to take a nap during the day or perhaps put the little one to sleep.

The tent itself is 10 x 14-inches when looking at the surface area and this will give you up to 140 square feet of the tent to use. When used by 6-people, it is comfortable and actually easy to manipulate the floor to squeeze in everyone. Yes, the fit might still be tight depending on the individuals, but it is much better than having 8 people inside.

Since it is much more viable to buy a tent that will accommodate you in all seasons, you should note that this one is basically waterproof and won’t gather the water at the top of the tent either. Once everything has been closed, it is fully insulated and this is where the tent becomes effective for those colder winter months.

One of the tough things about this family tent might be the setup. It is a little heavy at over 60-pounds, but with steel being used for the poles, one can actually understand the weight. It will take slightly longer than most tents to construct and you need to get a head start on the conditions to start setting it up. However, it will hold up against treacherous winds when it is set up.

Users will love to see the additional storage containers that have been added and these are waterproof to keep some of your personal belongings safe and out of the way. The tent itself also features a couple of pockets for storing smaller items along the sides and giving you a little more overall comfort and available floor space.

Lastly, we need to look at the doors, and this tent comes fully equipped with 2 massive doors for exiting or entering the tent. If you leave them open, the mosquito net will keep you fully protected from potential bugs and other creepy crawlies that are around. The biggest concern is the weight of the overall setup that is daunting.

While the price of most tents is reasonable, you should note that a family tent is much larger. When looking at the overall price of this family tent, we don’t have much to complain about. You definitely do get what you paid for and in time, you can even change the poles to something lighter or more durable to reduce the weight.

2. Timber Ridge Large Family Tent

Timber Ridge Large Family Tent
  • Size: 10 People
  • Weight: 22.26-pounds
  • Type: Dome

The Timber Ridge Large Family Tent is one of the most affordable family tents that we could find that will accommodate a large number of people. The majority of the materials are 190T polyester that has been coated with a PU protective layer to not only enhance the durability of the materials but help keep some of the sunrays from absorbing inside.

One of the best features is the divider that has been introduced to the family tent. Users can change the tent into a double family tent or duplex by simply attaching the divider to have two rooms. It will still have a door on either side to exit or enter the tent as you please. However, the three windows will be the best part that will add ventilation. Steel stakes will accommodate the polyester and allow you to set up the tent. It comes with a total of 14 steel stakes and you might not use all of them, but we need a few for backup. Even though steel is used, the tent still only weighs around 22-pounds, making it one of the lightest family tents that you can choose for a vacation.

While the manufacturer does indicate that 10 people can use the tent, we have found it a little cramped. The overall floor space is still only 140 square feet and with 6 large people, you might already notice that it is too small for 10. However, when you have a couple of children, you might find it more comfortable and spacious for everyone. The polyester does have decent durability, but this is not the ideal tent for the winter months. It does not hold up well when a lot of snow is falling and you might need to add a rainfly. However, the upside is that this lighter fabric will be great in the summer. You have a lot more ventilation to work with and cool down while resisting rain showers.

Survivalists or outdoor enthusiasts might even like the design with hooks and crannies that have been strategically placed along with the tent. These have been integrated for solar power units to be attached and charge some of your devices. If you have the funds, you might even convert it to having a solar roof, but it could make it heavier. The biggest issue that occurred is probably the durability aspect. This family tent is not on the same level as those with a canvas design. It will certainly work outdoors, but you might need to clean it often and look after it to keep it functional. As we have mentioned, snow is not a great idea unless you have a good rain fly for protection.

In terms of the price, we have something really affordable here that can accommodate large families. I would not rely on the statement of having 10-people fit inside, especially when you have a lot of gear, but 6 or 8 people might have a more comfortable time. The tent is also protected by a limited 1-year warranty.

3. Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person Tent

Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person Tent
  • Size: 8 People
  • Weight: 29-Pounds
  • Type: Dome

The brand Coleman is synonymous with coolers and they have some of the best coolers on the market today. However, Coleman is also a thriving leader in the world of outdoor gear and tents. The Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person Tent is one of their top options to allow groups of people or families to take a camping trip together.

Designed from top quality polyester, this is also one of those functional family tents that can be used for three seasons. Unfortunately, the materials are not really designed for the coldest of winters in the Arctic. The materials and the windows will work together well in the summer to allow you a breeze and have some ventilation come through.  When you step inside, the tent is rather spacious. It has a floor surface that is around 112-square feet, making it ideal for a couple of beds to fit inside. The manufacturer states that it will help to accommodate 8 people, but 6 will be a little more comfortable, especially when you have a lot of gear that needs to be carried along.

If you need technology, an LED light has been added to the family tent. This can either be charged using solar power or a battery. It sits right at the top in the tent and can easily be accessed. Once you have turned it on, you have 3 different settings to help you choose the right brightness and offer you some comfort for your tent.

Multiple storage pockets are built into the tent and this is something that you will need if you don’t have a tent footprint in wet weather. The tent itself is completely waterproof, but these storage pockets will keep things off the floor when the rain starts. Additionally, the windows have been angled to allow you to keep them open in light rain.

The reason why I like this tent so much is not all of the features, but the appealing aesthetics. The tent looks really great and professional, which is a reason to look into it if you need to camp with a few friends. According to tests, this tent can actually accommodate 3 double bed mattresses and leave space for some gear.

The biggest issues that I had was with the door. The Velcro used on the door does lose some of its functionality and you might need to have it replaced. We also had a few issues in keeping the door opens, and you could find that it occasionally closes. You might need to find another way to inject some sort of a breeze.

For a brand like Coleman and the special features that have been added, this is actually an affordable tent that you can buy. It is ideally recommended for 6 people to have a comfortable night’s rest on the inside, but you can try 8 if needed. The tent will come with a limited 1-year warranty against potential defects from the manufacturer.

4. NTK Laredo GT Foot Sport Camping Tent

  • Size: Up to 9 People
  • Weight: 18.74-pounds
  • Type: Modified Dome

4.5 Stars

The NTK Laredo GT Foot Sport Camping Tent is not one of the most common tents that we see every day, but as a silent wolf, it is still reliable in getting the job done. Made from 190T polyester, the tent is one of the lightest on the market. It has been PU coated for the sun and additional durability to make it the perfect 3-season tent. Since fiberglass is the most common material that is used for the poles, you don’t need to worry about it being too heavy to carry. The family tent itself is really stylish as well and can be set up in just a couple of minutes once you have the technique under the belt. It is also freestanding and does not need to be attached to any other support.

According to the manufacturer, this family tent should be able to resist up to 2500mm of water, which will effectively make it completely waterproof. It is also recommended that up 9 people can actually stay inside, but this will greatly depend on the size of these people and the additional gear. The floor is only 112 square feet in size. As we have already mentioned, the tent itself is extremely breathable and comfortable to be used by almost anyone looking for a new tent. It has been designed with a couple of mosquito nets that will keep out most of the pests you encounter in the wild, while you can have a breeze flowing through the mesh and tent.

Thanks to the large inner space and the modified dome shape, you can squeeze a couple of double bed mattresses inside without having to fall over one another. Storage pockets are designed on all the sides for your valuables and they have been elevated to ensure you don’t need to worry about water damage in heavy rain. A special zipper with an E-port is the feature that some of the youth will love; it is designed to store cables and other electronic items that could be damaged. This pocket is really resilient and should even hold up in the snow. However, the tent itself is not really the ideal tent that one would use in extremely cold conditions.

While you can have a lot of ventilation with the help of the doors, the tent itself only features one window. If you want to regulate the ventilation, you can only use this one window and the doors, which does not mean a lot of ventilation if it is too hot. However, you can leave the fly off for a cooler experience with your tent. Unfortunately, it is a little expensive when we do a comparison to some of the other models. However, it still comes with great features that will make up for the price. The limited lifetime warranty is probably one of the best additions to ensure you get value for your money and to give you even more peace of mind.

5. CORE Extended Dome Tent

Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent 1
  • Size: 9 People
  • Weight: 18.25-pounds
  • Type: Modified Dome

One of my all-time favorite family tents is certainly the CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tent. This is a family tent that has many of the features one would find if you are looking for the best large tent, but having a larger surface is what makes them different. The overall surface of the inside will be 144 square feet once it has been fully set up and more comfortable for large groups. 68D polyester is used for the construction of the fabrics and it makes a lot of difference since the rating suggests it can withstand up to 600mm of rainfall. The additional PU coating and protected seams will reinforce this, allowing you to have an almost completely waterproof tent to help you get the most out of each trip.

With a weight of just over 18-pounds, it will be easy to carry the tent around as you need it. The fiberglass poles will ensure you have decent stability, but they are not designed for heavy winds and snow. If you find yourself with winds to deal with, the steel stakes can easily be used to make this freestanding tent secure in the ground.

Instead of only giving you doors and windows that can be used for ventilation, the manufacturer has integrated a couple of vents as well. This will allow the wind to pass through and keep you from overheating. These vents can be sealed once you are done or when the weather takes a turn in to colder territory.

With a lot of tests having been done on tents like this, we could find that almost 4 air beds will fit inside. With this being inside, you have limited space for gear, but it just shows us how much space the tent actually has on the inside.

Additionally, storage areas are included to keep some of your belongings off the ground.
Much like the other best family tents, it does come with a rainfly included and this can be removed to reveal what seems like a removable roof. Should you want to have some more ventilation or even gaze at the star, you can simply remove this to make the best out of the experience. Beware of the rain setting in when you fall asleep.

It is actually hard to find something wrong with this tent unless you start actively looking flaws. We don’t do reviews by actively looking for flaws, but the problem we had is not with the tent, but the storage bag. Yes, everything will fit inside with a massive struggle and a larger bag would have been a little more helpful.

With Core being a brand that is still making it into the game, this family tent is not as expensive as many of the elite brand. However, the quality you get should be more than worth the price you pay. The tent will have a 1-year limited warranty to keep you protected from manufacturer defects and other small issues you come across.

6. ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek 6 Person Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek 6 Person tent
  • Size: 6 People
  • Weight: 23.80-pounds
  • Type: Dome

When you are looking for the best family tent, a 6-person tent is generally the ideal size to go for. Having a dome shape means the family tent will be tall enough for almost all individuals and the 90-degree corner angles offers ample headroom for a comfortable sleeping experience. It adds a little more to the overall available space. ALPS Mountaineering is one of the leading outdoor brands, making a statement to the family tent collection with the ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek 6 Person Tent. It has been constructed mostly from polyester, with fiberglass being used for the poles to keep the weight down while adding a solid structure to the unit.

The tent itself is completely waterproof, but a fly can be set up at the top of the family tent to direct the water flow away from the tent. 2 massive doors make it easy to exit and enter the tent without too many troubles, while the mosquito nets will allow you to keep it open when you need to have some ventilation and airflow.

It is considered a freestanding family tent but used to have the opportunity to tie it to trees with a rope if you have tough winds to deal with. Additionally, steel stakes are sharp and penetrate the ground with ease to make the tent standstill in all weather conditions. This adds to the overall weatherproof claim that ALPS Mountaineering has placed on the tent.

The floor size is around 100 square feet, which should be sufficient for 6 people and a couple of air mattresses if you don’t have a ton of gear that needs to be carried and stored. On the inside, multiple storage shelves have been added. Since they are made from mesh, you can keep everything elevated from the floor.

At first, we had some issues with the setup of the tent, but as you grow into the technique, you will see it can be erected much faster. One of the users has noted that they can set it up in around 20-minutes without actually rushing. Beginners might need to play around with it at home to grasp the setup concept a little better.

Looking at a couple of the negatives, we have found that the tent does not have the most durable of bottom areas. Over time, it might eventually deteriorate and you will be left with a torn or even damaged bottom area. It also features one window, which might not be ideal for the tent to have the best circulation.

ALPS Mountaineering is a really expensive brand in general, but this family tent is not really that expensive. It is made with a lot of quality and offers value for your money. We would recommend it to large families, and the space is actually accurate. The limited 1-year warranty will give you some great value for your money and peace of mind.

7. Coleman Evanston Camping Tent

  • Size: 6 People
  • Weight: 20-Pounds
  • Type: Dome

We have already talked about Coleman as a brand and they are bound to make more than one entry on this list. The Evanston Camping Tent is constructed from 75D polyester and it features a durable outer layer with additional PU coating. The WeatherTec system is integrated for the floor and enables the tent to easily withstand soakings. With a large inner floor, this family tent can house up to 2 queen-sized mattresses or a couple of single mattresses without too many hassles. According to the manufacturer, it should not take too much time to set up and with the right skills, this can actually be done within 15-minutes, making it a great tent for unexpected storms.

When looking at the overall design of the tent, you will notice a small screen room that has been added. This is ideal for camping out and looking at the night sky while staying out of the weather. Additionally, you can store some of your personal belongings in this section to keep them out of the weather and free space up inside.

The design has been made with ventilation in mind. Not only is the opening quite large, but numerous side windows offer a lot of possibilities on hot summer days. The mesh is added for protection from pesky bugs, but since it is lightweight, mesh pockets form the basis of the storage for your smaller personal items.

Even though the poles are not made from steel, these fiberglass poles are strong enough to take a lot of punishment.

This family tent won’t bend or break in any way and with additional stakes, you can actually hold it down to the ground with ease. If you really need to, additional ropes can be added to tie it to a tree or any form of structure.

The tent itself looks great and with a floor size that is around 90 square feet, you will be able to utilize as much space as possible for your comfort. It not only ensures the comfort of the user but keeps everything dry that has been placed inside, with limited issues when one needs to enter or exit the tent in a hurry.

Coleman has designed this tent for 6 people and for 8 people with a slightly larger floor for the larger tent. However, it is much better to consider only taking 6 people if you need to have some ample space. Snow might be your worst enemy and the tent is not really made for the colder winters. We would consider it a 3-season tent.

As for the price, this tent is not really all that expensive and you can easily use the tent as a beginner. It might not be the very best family tent, but with these features, it will last you a decent amount of time. The limited 1-year warranty offers great value for your money and will inevitably give you peace of mind from any defects.

8. ALPHA CAMP 6 Person Tent Extended Dome Tent

ALPHA CAMP 6 Person Tent
  • Size: 6 People
  • Weight: 13.4-pounds
  • Type: Extended Dome

One of the most effective camping tents you can buy on a budget is definitely the ALPHA CAMP 6 Person Tent Extended Dome Tent. It is much like the others with a piece of durable polyester fabric for the main part of the materials. It should not bend or break with fiberglass poles that adds to the stability while keeping the weight to a minimum.

One of the most notable features is the floor size. The 120 square foot surface is more than enough to fit almost 3 double bed mattresses if needed. However, this will limit some of the overall storage space you have left. You might need to utilize the rainfly in front of the tent to help add some additional storage space.

Most of the poles are already connected to one another, which does make the tent a little easier and more efficient to set up.

It has been designed with a lot of versatility in mind and according to the manufacturer; one can set it up in just 5-minutes. However, we did not find it that easy, but still faster than most of the others. All of the parts will fit into a bag really easily, which means you don’t need additional bags to be carried along. Since the tent is only around 13-pounds, one can also argue that large groups of backpackers can use it. The corners are not flat and almost 90-degrees, which offers a lot of headspace for users who are used to having many camping pillows.

If you are worried about ventilation, this tends features windows on either side of the tent, which means they can be opened for optimal ventilation and air to pass through. Mesh is used for protection from bugs and any other form of an insect, while also being angled to a degree that ensures the rain can miss it when correctly erected. The tent itself is not the only thing you will receive, but also a small tent-like dome is included for some of your gear. This can be attached to the tent and allow you to have more room on the inside to move around. We have added an extra air mattress with the help of this storage space as well if you don’t have a lot of gear.

The real kicker is the price. The tent is not as well known as many of the others and with such an affordable price, people tend to look over it. However, this is one of those tents that you can give a go if you really want something to get the job done. A limited 1-year warranty is included for some peace of mind.

10. Timber Ridge 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent

Timber Ridge 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent
  • Size: 6 People
  • Weight: 26.6-pounds
  • Type: Pop-Up / Dome

4.5 Stars

Last but certainly not least, we had to find the best family tent for beginners and those without the skills to set it up. The Timber Ridge 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent was the first one to come to mind and with so many to choose from, it also remained as one of the very best options. Beginners and many experts also agree that it is one of the best. The tent itself has been designed with the same top quality Taffeta polyester that many of the others are made from. A PU coating adds to this and the rating for it is to withstand around 2500 of water before actually giving in. Additional protection to seams will ensure that it also does not give in or have any real issues for users.

Since this tent is made to make your life easier, you will find that it sets up in a matter of seconds. The moment it is released from the bag, it will spring into action and form the way it should. The tent is freestanding, which allows users to place it pretty much anywhere they see fit or feel that it will work the best.

According to the manufacturer, the tent itself will accommodate 6 people. However, you need to keep in mind that it does not have an additional area that is used for storage and users might need to add one if they want to have a lot of people inside.

The floor size is only 100 square feet when it has been fully set up. Since most of the camping we have done takes place in the summer, the tent is perfect for these conditions. It does not only have 2 windows, but a third has been added. The fact that only one door is integrated, means you can still have an efficient breeze with a window that looks directly over the door to create a passing breeze.

With mesh also being implemented, users will find that no bugs or insects will have the ability to irritate you at night when you are sleeping. This will be great for looking at the stars perhaps or listening to the wild when the door is open. Overall, it has a stylish look with a really functional design for all campers to use.

One of the main downsides is the lack of durability of the poles and you might need to stake it down in tough and windy conditions. The tent is made to last in average conditions and when looked after, you won’t have any issues. I had a few issues trying to put it back into the bag, but eventually, you will find the right way to do it.

Since this is a pop-up tent, it is a little more affordable than some of the others. Many people look at the price when choosing a tent and when they see an affordable tent, they think it might lack some of the top features. This is not the case with the Timber Ridge 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent. AN additional 1-year warranty will give you some peace of mind.

What You Should Look For When Buying The Best Family Tent

Some of you might agree, while others will disagree with the tents we have selected. There are many great tents available on the market today and discerning between them is tough, especially when you have limited knowledge. This guide was used in our selection and rating process to find the best family tent. Now you can also use it when you are looking for a great tent or perhaps one that is not on this list.

Tent Size:
The first and probably most important thing you need to look at is the tents’ size. Before you even start buying a tent, you will need to understand how many people will actually be using it. Most large tents can accommodate up to 6 people, with additional storage space being added for the gear and some of your belongings.
However, we have found a 13-man tent that can be used for larger groups. While this is perfect for a couple of nights out in the wild, the fit seems to be a little tight and uncomfortable. If you look for the tent of your dreams, you need to consider the size that is available and some of the additional storage space added.

Small tents are easy to choose and the layout is the same with a massive opening and floor space that can be used. However, the best family tent can allow users to have rooms inserted and to divide some of the space up in certain areas. You can have complete privacy with your tent and keep it out of the way when needed.
The downside to using these dividers is the fact that you will also be giving up some of the space that is available. The divider can be a frustrating addition and often times it is merely in the way of the user. We have only used the divider when you are more than one couple or have someone that needs some privacy at night.

Durability Of Tent:
Since these tents can be a little expensive, you will need to keep the materials of the fabric in mind when you buy it. If the tent tears on the first use, you will have wasted a lot of money for nothing, but most tents will hold up when used under rigorous conditions and make your life much easier when on a camping trip.
Polyester with a PU coating is the most common material used for the tent cover and this is reasonably affordable with some durability that will keep you safe and protected. However, Canvas is much better and it can actually insulate your tent for the winter. Unfortunately, Canvas is one of the most expensive materials and it is quite heavy.

Structure Materials:
Since most of these tents will take some time and effort on the part of the user to erect, you will need to keep the tent material in mind as well. The poles can be constructed from a wide variety of materials, but only a few of them are actually worth your money. The most common being fiberglass for reasonable durability and lighter weight.
Additionally, steel is another material that we have found in some of the best family tents. It might be a little heavier and more expensive, but once the tent is set up, you can be guaranteed that it is not going anywhere. If you have the available funds, you can try to use carbon fiber for the perfect combination of durability and weight.

Tent Types

Tents are available in a wide variety of different shapes and forms. Depending on what you need and what your plans are, this will dictate the tent shape you choose. While we are not going into every tent type, we have done some research to give you a small breakdown. All of these tents are commonly used for camping in large groups.
• Pop-Up Tent: Believe it or not, but the pop-up tent is not only designed for small groups or single people. Modern pop-up tents vary in size and you can now find some of these tents that will accommodate larger groups and families. They are lightweight and easy to set up, while also being gentle on your budget
•  Dome: The Dome Tent is one of the most common tents and it is easy to recognize it. The dome tent traditionally features a cabin-like design that will make the walls much taller and give you some additional floor space. You can use this floor space for more headroom or to ever stack some of your gear out of the way.
• Modified Dome: If the Dome Tent cannot do the job, users will be able to choose the modified dome tent for even more comfort and luxury. Much like the geodesic tents, these modified dome tents have a screen room and they allow for storage around the tent to keep the gear out of your way.
• Extended Dome: Last but certainly not least, you will find the extended dome to also be a part of the best family tent collection. These are similar to the traditional dome, but they are slightly large and can even have an additional section. It is common for these tents to feature the cabin-like are and an additional room.

This is not all of the tent types that are available for families. These are the most common that is used by most people. Depending on what you need and the layout you are using. You can find the ideal tent and understand the key features below:

Ventilation is much similar to insulation and will be determined by the fabrics and the number of available windows. If you are like me and you like camping in the summer, it can be really hot inside the tent. When it is too hot, sleep can be almost impossible and after a couple of days, you won’t be enjoying the trip anymore.
However, windows will make it much better and allow you to actually enjoy the camping trip with ventilation. As a rule of thumb, these windows are covered by a mesh layer for protection. The mesh layer will basically add to the durability, but also keep unwanted insects and bugs from bothering you inside the tent.

The entrance or doors are some of the most overlooked aspects of the tent, but it can also be one of the most important to ensure you have an easy way to enter and exit the tent. The entrance can be in the form of an “O” or a “D”, with the zippers opening around it to open up the tent and ensure that you can enter as you like. You will need to determine if one or two doors will be sufficient.

Having 2 doors will make it a little easier and more comfortable to enter and exit. This helps especially for families and large groups. Additionally, the doors can add to the ventilation, having a mesh-protected door will also serve the same purpose as a window to allow air to enter and exit.


Once you have all the basics and you understand the tent features, you might need to consider looking for a couple of accessories. Unfortunately, these accessories are generally extra, adding to the overall costs of the tent. Here is a list of the most important accessories to choose from if you have the best family tent:

Rainfly: The rainfly is one of those accessories that is commonly included with a tent, especially the top ones. However, it is an essential part and can help you when the weather takes a turn for the worse. The rainfly will help to guide the rain away from the tent and keep you safe on the inside.

Footprint: If you have not known it before, but tents also have a footprint that can be found. Occasionally, they are included, but not always and they serve the same purpose as the rainfly, but only at the bottom of the tent. If you can’t find a tent footprint, you can choose another rainfly to add to the bottom.

Solar Compatibility: Since most family trips tend to last a while, you might need some source of power. If your camping site does not offer this, you can always rely on solar power. However, you should look for a spot to attach the solar panels and also have the wiring run through the tent in a waterproof way.

Waterproofing: The consensus is that most tents are completely waterproof, but this is not always the case. You might need to look at the waterproof PU coating that has been added. During my research, I have found that most waterproof coatings can handle up to 2500mm of rain.

Hooks: The word hooks might sound like a general statement and it is, but having a few hooks around the tent is a great way for you to strategically place your lanterns where you can find them in the middle of the night.

Storage: The storage can be in many forms, but generally, you will have pockets on the inside of the tent that will offer you the best storage and protection. However, Coleman has designed a tent with an additional smaller tent that can be used to keep your gear dry and safe.

Aesthetics: The aesthetic appearance of the tent is not the most important aspect. It does make a massive difference though. If your tent looks good, it will almost be like your home and you will tend to feel good about it.

As we have mentioned, many of these tents already have some of these accessories included, but you can still choose to add the additional ones if you are going to use them. All of these accessories are designed to make your camping trip easier and to give you more of a feeling that emulates the way you feel at home. You only need to look for a great bed and a decent camping toilet if none is available.


The price is something that many people look at before they buy a tent and this is actually not correct. You should not disregard a tent because it is cheap, as many up-and-coming brands are making their name by providing great quality at affordable prices. Doing a simple check of the brand should reveal all the information needed.

However, the best thing you can do is to stick to the most reputable brands. Brands like ALPS Mountaineering and Coleman have been in the tent industry for a couple of decades. These brands might be a little expensive, but at least, you definitely know what you are paying for.

Since almost everything is constructed by machinery nowadays, it is important to consider looking at the warranty to give you value for your money. A good warranty will keep you protected from any manufacturer defects and give you some value for your hard-earned money. The standard warranty for tents is around 1-year.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you have read through the entire article, you should almost have a complete understanding of the best family tent and how you can choose one. However, many people have a few common questions that we came across while doing research and camping. Here are some of the most common questions that you might also have:

  • Do All Tents Have Condensation?
    Unfortunately, all tents will have some degree of condensation. The materials you choose can have a little bit of an effect on the tent and perhaps keep the condensation down a little, but you will have some of it in colder weather. The best way to get rid of condensation is to control the moisture in the tent.

  • One of the ways we have found that does this is a ventilation system that can be added. However, this might be a little too cold for many people. If this is the case, simply open the window or door for a short period of time.
  • What Is The Average Lifespan Of A Tent?
    This is a great question, but one of the hardest to actually answer accurately. The lifespan of the tent can vary depending on a couple of factors, including the way you treat it. However, UV is the worst enemy of any tent. When used in tough conditions, wear and tear will also play a massive role. We would say that the lifespan of a tent would be determined by how often you use it and in which conditions.
  • How Often Should I Clean My Tent?
    We have just talked about the lifespan of the tent. The maintenance plays a massive role to keep the tent in the possible condition. Cleaning your tent is part of the maintenance. We would definitely recommend that you clean it after each time it has been used. This will ensure it does not have any mold that can build up in storage. It is worth noting that you should allow the tent to dry out thoroughly before simply packing it up and storing it. This will keep the materials from rotting and you will be avoiding any potential foul smells.
  • Can A Tent Be Tied To Trees?
    Since we all want the tent to have the best stability and durability possible, it is fair to try and stabilize it with ropes. This is not available for every tent, but most tents will allow you to rope it to something alongside the tent. Additionally, users might consider using stakes in the ground to also keep the tent firmly planted.
  • Are All Tents Waterproof?
    Since the tents are all monitored, the general rule of thumb is that very tent should be waterproof. Ask any manufacturer and they will tell you the tent is waterproof. However, the waterproof and coating will dissipate. Over time and you might need to actually refresh it or patch it up. Fortunately, many sealants are available to do so. One of the weakest spots for any tent is the seams.
  • What Is The Difference Between A 3-Season And 4-Season Tent?
    The 3-season tent is the most common one that you find. This allows you to use it for the most part of the year. Unfortunately, these tents have been made from polyester. We know that polyester does not have the best insulation for the winter months. This means that the tent is not ideal to be used in freezing winter conditions. If you have the available funds, you can look into the 4-season tent. These tents have been constructed from durable material like Canvas. Canvas has much better insulation and will also resist the snow as it is falling on the tent. However, you still need to add a rainfly if you want to get the best possible protection.
  • How Do I Keep The Tent Warm In Cold Weather?
    One of the worst feelings in the world is cold in the winter and having no way to stay warm can be really frustrating for most people. You will need to keep your tent as warm as possible a heater seems like the only option. The heater is great but can be dangerous if not kept in check or potentially even lead to a fire. Another great way to get the tent warm or to stay warm on the inside is a good sleeping bag. Down is commonly the best inner that is used for sleeping bags that will be used in the cooler regions of the earth.
  • Are The Tent Sizes Really Accurate?
    Many people have asked me this and the answer is tough to give. If the tent says 6 people, can you really fit 6 people inside? The simple answer is yes. You will need to look at the size of the people and the gear they are carrying along. I generally recommend buying a 6-person tent for 4 people if you want to have a luxurious camping experience.


If you love camping, why not take your family along for the journey. Now, you can take everyone with you on your trip and the best family tents will make it that much easier to do so. All of these best family tents have a great reputation and they do work well when looked after. We would highly recommend them to families and large groups.

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The tent can be used in any season and it makes for an ideal tent for families and large groups of people.

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