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Flagrant Beard Templar Tomahawk Review

A tomahawk is one of the best tools and most underutilized tools when it comes to bushcraft and simplifying your everyday life. There are several reasons why you should own one, yes, even women. A survival knife is a great tool and one which should be included in your stock, however, there are certain tasks that a tomahawk is just better at. Not only have we seen the survival sphere take off but we have been seeing a shift towards “urban” survival as well. What better tool to have than a tomahawk? Lost the keys for your lock? Tomahawk. Need leverage to open up something? Tomahawk. Need firewood? Tomahawk.

The Flagrant Beard Templar Tomahawk is an excellent way to start chopping through trees and branches. We will be honest and say that just chopping trees seems like a slap in the face for this remarkably versatile tomahawk. This tomahawk is every man’s dream! Having something versatile that enables you to add more force to each blow, reducing the amount of time needed to penetrate obstacles is just ace. Need to feel more manly? Just add The Flagrant Beard Templar Tomahawk.

In this article, we dive deeper into the Flagrant Beard Templar Tomahawk to find out about its features and if it will help you in the world of bushcraft. We have done some extensive research, making it easier to see how the tomahawk is functioning and if it can be the perfect option for your needs.

Technical Specifications:

  • The blade is constructed from durable 1095HC steel
  • It features a Tungsten Cerakote finish
  • Tan canvas Micarta handle
  • The overall length is 12.75-inches
  • Massive head of around 6.50-inches
  • The blade length is 2.63-inches with a secondary blade of 1.38-inches
  • A black Kydex sheath is included to keep the knife secure
  • The weight is around the 2-pound mark
  • It is comfortable with a full grip and custom handle design


The Flagrant Beard Templar Tomahawk is a slightly newer model and a massive upgrade of the traditional tomahawk. It is designed to last and with 1095HC steel, it has the durability to cut through almost anything with enough force added. The overall head is around 6.5-inches, giving you a great weight distribution that adds more power to each blow.

When looking at the overall design of the blade, it looks rather stylish. The Tungsten Cerakote finish not only helps to make the tomahawk look more stylish but adds protection from the elements. This will allow you to use it in wet conditions without having to worry about the blade ever rusting or being weakened over time. Did we mention how stylish this masterpiece is? We did and we will mention it again. How is it possible that something so practical can look so rugged and manly? We are sure the designers drew inspiration from vikings.

One of the standout features is definitely the grip. It is ergonomic and fits in your hands rather comfortably. The tomahawk is also lightweight at only 2-pounds making it an exceptional option for just about anyone. Having a canvas micarta handle does optimize the grip quite significantly and makes it easier to control in wet conditions as well. It is important to note that you can customize which handle option you would like/prefer.

Flagrant Beard have also added a Kydex sheath and while this cannot actually be strapped to your body, it is one of the more durable options for keeping the head of the blade protected. We have seen the sharper secondary blade to help with hacking into bamboo and it can be used to make holes when you need to assemble and combine certain tree elements.

With the neck slightly tapering down from the head, a blade is definitely a great option for anyone looking to use the blade for fine work. You should be able to craft with the tomahawk as well as destroy trees or branches that might be in your way. All this versatility definitely gives you some long term use for the tool.

Lastly, the reverse side jimping is ideal for prying open boxes and even crates that are generally well closed up. Additionally, the blade thickness is around ¼ of an inch and does have a tendency to remain sharp. It can easily be sharpened with most knife sharpeners and will keep this edge for a sustained period of time.

Since the tools are still rather new, it is hard to mention any real downsides that have been found. While testing and doing research, we can honestly say that all the feedback has been positive for this tomahawk and has been highly rated. It is also used by some advanced enthusiasts. We have found that it can be used for several applications. It can even be kept in the car for those few rare emergency situations. It makes light work of sheet metal.

This should be your “go to guy” tool. Below are all the things we liked about it and it’s only drawback we could find.

Flagrant Beard Templar Tomahawk

What We Like

  • Massive blade length that remains sharp
  • Looks really stylish
  • Lightweight with an ergonomic handle design
  • Durable Kydex sheath for protection
  • Includes a secondary blade for prying and opening things
  • Durable materials used

What We Didn’t Like

  • The price is a bit steep

Is It Worth Buying?

If you are a massive bushcraft enthusiast, this tomahawk is definitely worth buying. As we have mentioned, the feedback is mostly positive and since it does hold up well under tough conditions, it should work for your bushcraft tasks. We will mention that this tool is ideal for your home environment as well. It is a good SOS tool to have in your car or even to have at home.

As for the price, it is one of the more expensive options. However, you should note that Flagrant Beard and Exit Edgeworks have collaborated for this tomahawk and it has taken them more than a year of refining and eventually designing to ensure it is up to par. We would certainly recommend it to anyone that needs a great tomahawk. Considering this is something that you only want to purchase once, we say go big or go home!


Whether you are opening boxes, crates, prying open tins, chopping different things or simply looking to slash through different branches , the Flagrant Beard Templar Tomahawk is one of the very best options that you can consider.

Our final words: Fake the receipt and buy it! Your wife is likely to fall in love with it too.

I hope that you enjoyed this article and that you have found this article helpful. We would love to see what you think of it if you have ever used it. If you can find any potential options that could rival this tomahawk in the world of bushcraft, we would love to read about them.

Jean lives in Vanderbijlpark, South Africa. He is an outdoor enthusiast with years of experience reviewing gear. Jean holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from North-West University.

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