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The Best One Person Tent

Whether you prefer camping or backpacking, your tent is arguably one of the first if not most important gear decisions you’ll have to make.  This holds true for solo backpackers and travelers as well.  Finding the best one-person tent you can afford could make all the difference to ensure that good nights’ rest you were so looking forward to. 

As with most camping gear nowadays consumers are spoilt for choice when it comes to 1 person tents.  In fact, you’ll quickly discover that the hardest part of buying your tent may be wading through all the available options out there, and making a decision that fits your specific camping or backpacking requirements.  

In this article, we try to do some of that work for you.  Below you’ll find a selection of one person tents that cover everything from an ultra light-weight 1 person backpacking tent, to one person pop up tents, to a cot tent for those who like a bit more comfort around their campsite.

Our Top Pick
ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent

This is a perfect one-person tent. No-fuss and easy to set up. It is also very durable and tear-resistant.

Best One Person Tents On The Market Today:

1. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent

alps mountaineering lynx one person tent
  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 4.4 lbs

The ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent is simply designed for a frustration-free setup. It makes life so much easier and you no longer need to suffer from numerous ropes or poles. Made from top-grade polyester, the tent includes a UV coating to protect you on the inside, whilst often also being seen as tear-resistant, you don’t need to worry about durability.

Adding to this durability, we have the aluminum tent poles and these poles can hold the tent down in tough winds. It might not be able to withstand a hurricane, but the slight breezes from most camping grounds should not be any real issue for these poles. One doorway will be ideal for you to enter and exit, with a lot of attention being paid to the zippers to potentially reduce the amount of snagging.

A polyester tent fly has been added to the package and while you might need to spend some time figuring out how to work with it, it will reduce any amount of rainwater that gets inside the tent, whilst aiding the UV protection to keep you safe from the sun. Multiple pockets are added on the inside, ideal for your gear, and even some of the stakes not used.

As for the weight, the tent is a mere 4.4-pound when all the accessories have been included and you can definitely make some great use in all conditions. Since the dome shape is so popular, your tent has an aesthetically pleasing look, with a 36-inch center height. This does help make the tent functional when used with your camping cots.

Once you are done, the tent does not require you to take too much time or effort to have it packed up. It is small enough to fit inside your backpack if you are not packing too much additional stuff, with the aluminum poles attached on the outside. A poly Taffeta floor will keep the rain from peering through at the bottom and the tent has a waterproof rating of around 2000mm.

The main aspect that keeps on drawing people is probably durability. This one persontent can actually withstand some of the harshest conditions to keep you safe and out of harm’s way. The additional mesh covering at the front of the door is definitely a great idea for those in need of a breeze. However, this could be rather tricky when you don’t have another door to work with you.

Since the tent is somewhat small compared to some in the price range, many people might have a problem when sleeping. However, this is mostly for taller individuals using mummy sleeping bags in colder conditions. Once this has been sorted, you don’t need to worry any longer and the tent should give you some excellent value for your money.

It might be a little pricey, but the quality and the durability is not something that you can replicate for cheaper. The tent has an additional limited lifetime warranty added and this will definitely give you some peace of mind. With all these features and cheap add-ons, it should be no secret that most people enjoy using it for camping and backpacking. We also recommend it for casual trips to the backcountry.

2. Snugpak The Ionosphere 1 Man Dome Tent

snugpak ionosphere one person tent olive
  • Material: 210T Polyester RipStop
  • Weight: 3.34 lbs

The Snugpak The Ionosphere 1 Man Dome Tent is definitely designed for the avid backpacker. While it might be considered the ideal 1 person backpacking tent, it is also in the shape of many dome tents, with one singular entry point. It has been constructed from durable nylon materials and the anodized aluminum poles might bend, but breaking them takes some strength.

The UV coating is always an important part when it comes to tent covers. The UV coating will preserve the materials, whilst reducing some of the heat. Fortunately, this tent does have a UV coating and it works in conjunction with the 210T Ripstop Polyester rainfly that will not only keep you covered but also keep most of the rain out of the tent.

A slightly smaller area of the tent has been covered with mesh for those hot nights and you might find yourself sleeping comfortably with a breeze, whilst none of the creepy crawlies on the outside can enter the tent. Since it does have aluminum poles, you might think the setup is tough, but this does not take up too much time with the connectors already being built in to simply slide them into the right place when setting it up.

One of the features we look for is to help and accommodate some of the taller users. Using this tent, it does work comfortably for most taller individuals. Those around the 6’2” mark will easily sleep at night. However, they do have some troubles getting into and out of the tent. This seems even more apparent when trying to do so at night times.

The weight is one of the best features that could help you when backpacking. This one person tent comes in at just under the 3.5-pound mark and folds into a small compartment on your backpack when you do eventually pack it up. As we have also mentioned, it should not take you much time to figure out how to set it up efficiently.

Having a waterproof tent is also really important, but might also spike the costs a little. This tent has a massive waterproof rating of around 5000mm, which should be more than enough to actually take on the rainy season without too many troubles. You can now use the tent for camping in virtually all weather types and conditions with relative ease.

Avid campers might find that the lack of a vestibule is a little frustrating for bad weather conditions. While the tent is ideal for larger users, you won’t have much in terms of packing space inside. You might be able to salvage this by folding the rainfly in the shape to create your very own vestibule. However, an additional tarp might be a better option.

The tent does have a decent warranty that should give you some peace of mind, but this still does not take away the fact that it is one of the more expensive options on the market today. However, you will definitely need something like this if you are on the larger or taller side. We definitely recommend it for camping and backpacking in all weather conditions.

3. TETON Sports One Person Pop Up Tent

TETON Sports One Person Pop Up Tent
  • Material: Taffeta Nylon and Polyester
  • Weight: 4.3 lbs

The TETON Sports One Person Pop Up Tent is one of the best tents for those with limited time or tent setting experience. Since it features a pop-up design, you simply need to unpack the tent and all the rest will fall into place with real ease. This helps those with some troubles in the setup and when you have left the setup process a little too late.

Made from taffeta nylon, the durability is still on par with most tents, helping to keep you safe and protected in virtually all weather conditions. This one person tent has a mesh door for those warmer nights and since no one can actually see through this polyester additive, it is great to leave open in your campsite on hot summer days as well.

The polyester rainfly will once again enhance the overall durability of the tent and keep you protected from the wetness in bad weather conditions. However, it can double to form vestibules on either side of the tent for your additional storage. Many people also use this feature for making food when the rain is taking a turn for the worst.

If you like to use a waterproof camping cot to keep you elevated off the floor, this tent can be fastened to your camping cot. Six loops have been added and they will add to keeping you fully protected on the camping cot and enhancing the experience. Unfortunately, your cot cannot really fit inside and this might be a little frustrating for some of the campers.

As for the length, this one person pop up tent will accommodate some of the taller individuals as well, with many people around the 6’4” mark actually sleeping comfortably in the tent. The only real problem might be getting in and out of the tent when you are that side and heavier. However, this will be figured out as you start using the tent more.

At 4.2-pounds, it still remains one of the lighter tents and while people do consider it a decent one person pop-up tent, this tent can actually work as a backpacking tent as well. Having it used for backpacking will make the carry process that much easier. You only need to carry the aluminum support poles on the outside or attach them to your backpack.

The only design flaw comes when actually using it in conjunction with your camping cot. The rainfly might need to be replaced and it does not always make it past the cot, leading to an accumulation of water in the cot itself. However, this can easily be rectified by simply using a larger rainfly or adding a cheap tarp to the design.

As for the price, it is one of the most affordable options on this list and this all comes from one of the most trusted brands as well. The additional limited lifetime warranty will give you peace of mind for those rough weather conditions as well. We would recommend this one person pop up tent for beginners looking for something fast and simple to set up.

4. Winterial Single Person Personal Bivy Tent

Winterial Single Person Tent
  • Material: Nylon
  • Weight: 4.3 lbs

Next, you can easily choose to enjoy living in the Winterial Single Person Personal Bivy Tent. Much like the other options, it is also constructed from mostly nylon materials with a UV covering that will keep you solidly protected from the sun. Aluminum poles are what help the tent stand up and you can use this to your advantage when camping in some of the tougher conditions.

With mesh included for the tent to actually have some ventilation, it is used in the summer months as well. According to the manufacturer, this can be considered to be a 3-season tent for most parts of the year and to keep you fully protected. The colors are also quite shocking that you can actually choose from to ensure the tent does stand out in all conditions.

When it comes to rainfly, the polyester rainfly that has been included for this tent is slightly larger and this enables you to cover up a little more with greater ease. You can direct the water flow away from the tent without too many issues now and the tent won’t need a tent footprint placed underneath for the soaking water that may penetrate over time.

A large zipper has been included and this makes the entering of the tent that much easier. Even some of the larger individuals around the 6-foot or even taller mark, should not need to worry about budging too much when they have to enter this one person tent. On the inside is ample space for storing some of your gear away from the weather conditions on the outside.

Camping in tough windy conditions also seems possible now when you are using this tent. It might take a little longer to set up, as you need to add the 14 stakes to the ground to have it secure and ready for use. However, this will ensure the tent does not move anywhere after this has been completed and you can use the tent with ease.

Weighing in at around the 3-pound mark, the tent is really functional and should not really be too much trouble to actually carry around when you are backpacking. Attaching your fly will be that much easier than most, but it can also be used without the fly when opening up the sunroof to look at some of the starts in the backcountry at night.

One of the only downsides that we found is that this is not a freestanding tent. Unfortunately, you need to find a solid area where the ground is strong enough to hold the depend when you have bad weather conditions. You will also find that it does take somewhat longer to set up efficiently, and having some help, should definitely lessen the workload for any individuals not in the mood to do it themselves.

Once again, we have a tent that has been reasonably priced and you have the opportunity to find it in 2 different colors that will all be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. As with most tents, the warranty gives you some peace of mind, but you do need to confirm all the terms with the manufacturer when you purchase a tent. All in all, we would certainly recommend it for the low-profile design and all the quality features at this inexpensive price.

5. MSR Hubba 1-Person Tent

msr hubba 1 person tent
  • Material: 40D RipStop Nylon
  • Weight: 2.7 lbs

When looking for one of the very best tents, the MSR Hubba NX 1-Person Tent is definitely on the higher end of the scale. It features a 40D ripstop nylon construction with a 15D nylon mesh that will cover the door. This has been rated as one of the most durable tent types on the market today, capable of withstanding almost everything nature throws at it.

Setting up the tent should not take too long either and the functionality has been made to ensure anyone can easily have it set up in just a matter of minutes. The design is really efficient, with the water falling off away from the tent when the rainfly has been attached and removing the need for you to invest in an expensive tent footprint.

One of the best parts of this one person tent is the overall look. It not only works really well but also looks professional. According to the manufacturer, it can be used year round in most weather conditions and for some of your treks. The tent is also freestanding and you don’t need to worry about having the perfect camping area for the stakes, giving you much more overall versatility.

At only 2.7-pounds, the tent can be used for those longer treks through the backcountry. Everything folds into a compact bag quite easily. You can easily add it to your trip and you won’t even need to sacrifice some of your other essential equipment. This makes it one of the ultimate 1 person backpacking tents for avid outdoor enthusiasts.

If you do need to have the tent secured at your camping site, you will notice that stakes have also been included. These stakes give you a ton of versatility and you can now use it to take on some of the tougher winds many need to endure. As such, it is used by many top campers for their icy hiking expeditions in the colder Arctic conditions.

Since the tent has a symmetric design, you as a larger camper will find it comfortable for sleeping. No longer do you need to sleep on one specific side to make space for all your additional belongings, giving you a lot more freedom when actually using it. The StayDry technology is something that many people will appreciate and it allows you to enter and exit the tent whilst remaining dry. This can definitely help many people who love the Amazon and similar conditions.

The only problem we encountered is in extreme icy conditions. The tent does have some trouble standing up to some of these soaring winds and this could also lead to some smaller damages to the tent itself. As for the poles, they will hold up and if you need to withstand the worst weather conditions, carbon fiber poles are a lot more durable as well.

The price is also quite rough on some of the newer campers and many people might be dissuaded. However, you should not worry, as the price is definitely justifiable with all the top quality features that have been added. The limited lifetime warranty gives you additional peace of mind to test these features. We would certainly recommend the tent for all these top quality features and to use it when backpacking in tougher weather conditions.

6. Kodiak Canvas 1-Person Canvas Swag Tent

Kodiak 1-Person Canvas Tent
  • Material: Hydra-Shield Canvas
  • Weight: 17.5 lbs

The Kodiak Canvas 1-Person Canvas Swag Tent might not be your number one choice when it comes to backpacking, but the tent definitely works well for those who love to go on solo camping trips. This tunnel tent features durable construction, with aluminum poles that will keep the wind at bay for the most part on your trip.

Since it does have a tunnel design, it is one of the best options for some of the taller campers. The overall length is around 6 feet and 8-inches, which should bode well. Since it has a 3-feet width, you don’t need to worry about your gear standing outside. It should comfortably fit inside without any real quarrels in terms of sleeping space being minimized.

Camping in hot conditions can be a little frustrating, but having the multiple windows will aid in keeping a cool breeze flowing through the tent. It also features a mesh covering on all sides of the windows and this will keep all those pesky mosquitoes from frustrating yours throughout the night. In the rainy season, your rainfly will be handy to cover up these mesh openings as well.

Kodiak has added a built-in sleeping pad to keep you elevated off the floor. This has been constructed from comfortable cotton and you will be sleeping like a baby. Many people also add small camping cots on the inside to keep them elevated even higher off the ground and to stay out of harm’s way when they are actually sleeping.

If you need versatility for those days at the beach with your family, you should note that the Kodiak Canvas 1-Person Tent can actually be unzipped and this will allow you to easily create a shelter to keep most of the people out of the hot sun. It offers you even more functionality to use the tent in precarious situations that you might need a different tent for.

Unfortunately, it does have a couple of downsides in the construction. At more than 17-pounds, it might be a little too heavy for you to carry around all the time and this could be frustrating as a camper. It also features stakes, meaning, you need a secure area with solid ground to keep it planted in place. Lastly, it does take a little longer to actually set this one person tent up than many of the others.

The Kodiak Canvas 1-Person Tent also one of the most expensive options we have on this list and will not be used by the backpackers of the modern age. However, the limited lifetime warranty will give you some peace of mind and could potentially help you test the features. If you simply love camping with a few friends in one location, this will be a great option to consider.

7. Tangkula Tent Cot Folding 1 Person Camping Tent

Tangkula 1 Person Camping Cot Tent
  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 29 lbs

The Tangkula Tent Cot Folding Waterproof 1 Person Hiking Camping Tent is one of the most versatile tents that you can choose. Made from durable 420DPU coated oxford for the main materials, it is capable to withstand the rays of the sun and also ensure that you have some protection from the rain conditions that might occasionally set in.

This one person tent is built on top of a camping cot to keep you elevated off the floor and ensure that you don’t need to endure some of the rainy conditions. As for the outer frame, aluminum has been used and once the tent has been fully assembled, it can hold a massive 275-pound, which is great for you and all of your gear if you are lightweight.

Unlike many of the other tents, this one features multiple doors that have been closed by zippers. Since they are D-shaped, they can also be kept in place to make the tent a little better when you need some shade outside. Additionally, this can be helpful when you are cooking in wet conditions to help keep the grill hot and going.

It might be one of the heavier options, but the assembly should not take you too long to have ready. The tent can be staked if needed, but this is not a mandatory requirement. However, we do prefer to keep it staked to a tree just to make sure it does not move if some of the stronger winds do work up when you are sleeping quietly.

Breathable mosquito mesh can help you in hot summer days and you will need it. The darker color for the tent does tend to draw in a lot of heat from the sun, which can be a little frustrating for those who are fond of colder weather. Leaving your mosquito nets will allow you to have a smooth breeze passing through for the entire evening without any hassles.

The downside is obviously the weight. Since the tent is close to 30-pounds, it might be a little too heavy for most people to actually use. The tent does require some assembly and some have complained about hiking longer distances. However, the addition of the sleeping cot will remove the need to actually purchase one separately and also carry around the same weight.

The price is rather reasonable and we have seen many tents that are a little more expensive without the camping cot feature included. It does come with a decent warranty for some peace of mind and the tent is definitely functional for everyday use. We definitely recommend it to avid campers, but can also be used outside for a camping simulation.

8. River Country One Person Trekking Pole Tent

River Coountry One Person Trekking Pole Tent
  • Material: Nylon
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs

The River Country Products One Person Trekking Pole Tent is one of the most unique tents on the market today. This tent features only the cover that has been constructed from durable nylon materials and should keep you covered from the sun and the rain with the UV coating that has once again been added for your protection.

Since it is really lightweight, you will have 9 small aluminum stakes and these will help the tent remain securely fixed in the ground, but might not give you the maneuverability that many people might need from a freestanding tent. It has a small enclosure built-in that will keep all your gear out of the rain and the tent floor has been tested to be waterproof.

The biggest selling point is the fact that you will need to use your own trekking pole. We all have these trekking poles when hiking longer distances, but this one person tent will help you to use the hiking pole for the center and adjust the height depending on the capabilities of your pole. You also don’t need to worry about storing it anymore either.

Once you have figured out some of the basics, the tent should not take that much effort to actually set up and this will make it wonderful for those who like to have the tent ready in just a couple of minutes. The rainfly will add some additional coverage, keeping the rain from peering inside and leading to frustrations for many campers.

At 2.5-pounds this is definitely one of the lightest tents we have on this list and this is what makes it so effective. Even with all the stakes added, it should not take up a lot of space inside your backpack. You will notice that even the sleeping bag tends to take up a little more space when it is packed inside the bag.

While it might not have all the elite features of the top tents, it is one of the most affordable options on the market today. This price tag should ensure that you can buy it without expecting too much, but still, be heavily surprised. If you are tight on your budget and love backpacking with the least amount of weight, this should be one of the best options.

9. Mountainsmith Lichen Peak Tent

MountainSmith Best One Person Backpacking Tent
  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 6.36 lbs

The Mountainsmith Lichen Peak Tent is a much more basic tent, but still offers you some excellent value for your money. It has an aluminum frame that will keep it firm, but polyester has been used for the construction of the outer materials. This is much more resilient to water and should not leave you with as many leaks as some of the others.

A large angled door is part of this dome construction and as always, you have mesh to keep you fully protected from those bugs and mosquitoes. However, the angle is perfect for hot summer nights and it can be used for starring at the starts. Should you have some jitters or camping insomnia, this could be a relaxing way to fall asleep.

Inside the tent, a gear storage area has been added and this will even allow you to hang your lamp. The lamp should be ideal for late nights when you are searching for something. This reinforced storage area will keep everything dry and it does feature a decent waterproof rating, but we still won’t recommend it for the icy mountains of the Arctic.

As with most of the tents we have on this list, the addition of the rain fly is great for wet weather and it keeps the water sailing off the tent at a fair distance to keep it from peering through the bottom. However, it does take somewhat water if you have to rely on the tent in rainy conditions for a little too long and this is frustrating without a 1 person tent footprint.

With all the space on the inside, the tent is perfect for larger campers and you should not need to worry about being inside the tent or even getting in and out. It is really simple and easy, whilst you can sleep without having to curl up like a shrimp. It has been approved for some of the taller users and they have proven it to be sufficient for such trips.

Once again, this tent needs to be staked down and that may be one of the areas that could be a little problematic for many people. Occasionally, it is much better to have a tent that is freestanding when you are on the move. Since it is over 6-pounds, we have found it to be a heavy one man tent, but for a one person tent, it does work well for backpacking.

In terms of the price, it is actually quite affordable and will offer you some great value. This might not be the one person tent that you will be using for your longer trips in daunting areas, but it will work for those overnight and shorter adventures. We definitely recommend it for the price and these top quality features. However, you need to look at the different warranty options as well.

10. ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 1-Person Tent

Alps Zephyr 1-Person Tent
  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs

Last but certainly not least, we have the ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 1-Person Tent and this is another one of the most valued options on this list. ALPS Mountaineering has been in the game for quite some time and since breaking into the one man tent scene, they have actually been designing some of the best options on the market today.

This tent is freestanding and you won’t have to deal with all the stakes that some of the other tents actually need to use. Ripstop polyester has been used for the outer shell, but the UV coated rainfly will be your best friends when it comes to keeping those annoying raindrops from actually entering or belting down on the tent to damage it.

All of the walls and the doors have mesh covering, which means the tent can give you optimal ventilation in the summer months and you no longer need to have multiple fans that are battery-operated when backpacking. Since it has 2 doors, you have multiple exit points, which many of the other one person tents do not have included.

Additionally, the rainfly can serve 2 purposes. Instead of simply keeping the rain from penetrating your tent, you can use the zipper to open it up. This will reveal two vestibules on either side, giving you the opportunity for cooking your meals without dealing with the weather conditions. However, you need to make some space as to not burn down the tent.

Much like the first one person tent, this one also features numerous pockets that have all been covered by your durable zippers. These will not only keep them secure but also ensure that the tent is even more waterproof in these pockets. You might not even need to invest in one of those expensive tent footprints with this one added.

The downside is the fact that most of the materials are mesh. This mesh might be lightweight and really effective for hotter summers, but you will definitely find yourself freezing quite frantically in the winter months. Nevertheless, it should still be perfect for most conditions and you can always have a top quality heater for this one person tent.

ALPS Mountaineering might be one of the top brands, but they are relatively inexpensive compared to some of the elite brands. With their limited lifetime warranty, you will have great value for your money and you can use this tent for more than simply camping. We would definitely recommend it to the avid campers and backpackers of the modern age.

Key Features To Consider When Choosing A One Person Tent

Now that you have seen the tents, we did mention that we have a buyer’s guide that will reveal some of the features that helped us to choose the best one person tent. This might not be helpful to everyone, but these features can actually be used to choose any tent, regardless of the size of the number of people is made for. Here are the top features to keep in mind when selecting a tent.

Tent Type

One of the first things that you need to look for is the type of the tent. With so many different options, it can be a daunting prospect to find the right tent type for your need. However, we have broken down the most common one person tent types and this should make it a little easier. Here are the top types that you will most likely come across when selecting a new tent:

  • Dome: The dome tent is the most common and it also has a lot of space for your head. Since they have a square or rectangular shape, these are some of the easiest tents to pitch and they have a lot of room. The only real downside to these tents is the limited headroom that many people might need and this could also limit some of your storage space for gear.
  • Pop-Up Tent: The pop-up tent is one of the easiest that you can pitch since it does not actually require you to do anything, you can simply sit back and let the tent pitch itself. This is an excellent way for beginners to get into the swing of things. The only downside is the fact that these tents might be a little small for heavy packers.
  • Tunnel Tent: Taller or larger campers might also consider looking at the tunnel tent. These tents are a little longer, with some of them even wide enough for two people. This means you can have ample gear storage space. However, they are a little heavier than most of the others and only designed for camping purposes.
  • Ridge Tent: If you love camping the old way, this retro style should be perfect, but you won’t see them around as often nowadays. They are quite frustrating to set up and will take a lot of effort. However, they are some of the cheaper options. Most of these tents are preferred by older campers with a lot of experience.
  • Geodesic: The geodesic tents are much like the dome tents, but they have added poles that will cross over. This will allow you to add more stakes and center the tent. These tents are perfect for resisting winds. We have also found them to have vestibules and this can be perfect for cooking your meals close to the tent and out of the rainy conditions.
  • Inflatable Tent: While we have not included this tent on the list yet, it is a fairly new design that not everyone really understands yet. Much like your inflatable kayak, it is easy to carry around and lightweight, but punctures may actually occur. To avoid sleeping outside, you might need to invest in your own repair kit to keep the tent back in the best possible condition.
  • Backpacking Tent: The backpacking tent is the ultimate one-person tent and it is also really lightweight. These tents are small and portable, but the weight would be the determining factor in whether you should choose it or not. A backpacking 1 person tent is what we generally look for in many of these dome versions on the list.

While there are actually many more key types that you can consider, these are the most common for your backpacking trips. Most of the time, you will be looking for a backpacking one person tent when you are in search of the one-person tent. If you don’t know which one to choose, we recommend starting with the dome tent as your first one-person tent.


When looking at the materials of the tent, there are a few things to keep in mind. Not only will you look at some of the tent coverings, but the poles also need to be taken into account to ensure you do get the best possible value for your money.

  • Tent Materials: Ripstop nylon and polyester are generally recommended for the outer sides of the tent. Mesh can be used for your window or door coverings, but this is generally made from decent quality polyester to keep the bugs from penetrating. The stronger your materials used for the tent, the longer it should last you, with nylon being the best material when you need high quality. However, it is also a little more expensive.
  • Pole Materials: The poles are the backbone of the tent and this will be what keeps it locked into place and secure. Aircraft grade aluminum is generally preferred as it is lightweight and does not cost too much, whilst offering durability. However, fiberglass and carbon fiber can also be used to ensure you get the best value for your money for durability. The carbon fiber poles are highly recommended, but also really expensive.

Whether you like it or not, the materials need to be carefully selected. Not only will they have an impact on the weight, but durability is also one of the major aspects that will come into play. Having a UV coating is optional, but we believe it is mandatory. It will keep the sun from damaging the tent and deflect some of the rays to keep you a little cooler.


A one person tent should not be too heavy and it should also not be light enough for the wind to actually move it too much. The weight is something that every backpacker will keep in mind, but there are still a few things that will have an influence on the weight. One of these factors will be if the tent needs stakes or not, as they can be rather heavy.

When it comes to the ideal weight for your tent, you will need to decide on the type first. However, backpackers will try to keep the tent under the 4-pound mark. The only time you might want something a little tougher is when camping in the freezing Arctic conditions. Here you need a little more insulation.


The ventilation aspect does have an impact, especially when you are camping in the hot summer months. It is generally done by opening the windows and using the mesh to create some sort of a breeze on either side. If the tent does not have any windows, you can even use the doors. However, not all the tents have 2 doors that can be opened.

If you are an avid camper, we do recommend looking at the breathability factor and you will see just how much it helps you. Alternatively, you might want to invest in a portable fan for the trip. Doing so will ensure you are cooled down, but you need to ensure you can actually power it with some sort of generator or power source from the camping site itself.


The setup is one of the most important factors to consider. We all have some level of experience when it comes to handling or pitching a tent. However, brands are now trying to make the tents as easy as possible for any person to pitch. This could work in your favor and you need to understand how to effectively pitch the tent before heading out.

While most of these tents have some sort of pole system, beginners might need to rely on the old one person pop-up tent. Most one person tents are fairly easy to set up and the will enable you to do this in the least amount of time. All of the above-mentioned tents should be easy for most people to set up as beginners or intermediate campers.


The world of outdoor equipment is becoming more and more competitive and this means that people are trying to enter the market. For this reason, many newer or smaller brands are using cheaper materials to sell the tents at a much more affordable price, whilst undercutting the top brands for price and market share.

When buying a one person tent, it is fundamentally important o look at the brand as well as the tent itself. Sticking to reputable brands is something you should try to do as this will give you better warranties and the tents will be much more durable. Whilst selecting these tents, we actually focused on only including the top brands that we have used and trusted over the years. To see if your brand is reputable, you can simply do an internet search.


Linking to the previous aspect, we have the warranty and many people might forget to look at it. However, a one person tent can easily pick up a few tears that won’t even be your fault. Since many of them are quite expensive, a warranty will keep you protected and also give you some peace of mind when figuring out what it is actually made of the tough weather conditions.

While the warranties do differ from brand to brand, most of them are commonly known to have limited lifetime warranties for their users. If yours does not have this warranty, you might need to look a little deeper or even consult the manufacturer to find out why. We have tried our very best to include every warranty and look for the best warranties.


Another vital feature is the waterproofing of the tent. Each tent should be waterproof if you choose one. While the seems will be tapered, you can also check this at home to see if they do hold up. Adding your very own waterproof coating from time to time should actually do the tent wonders. PU coating is generally applied to the tent from the onset to help manage the conditions.

Additional Considerations

You have now seen the top features for the tents, but there are a few additional features to co0nsider. We have isolated them as they are only considered minor and applicable when the tent does meet the main criteria. Many of these features also included add-ons and accessories that could help improve the functionality of the tent:

  • Tent Footprint: A one person tent footprint can be a little expensive if you have just purchased your tent, but having one will keep you dry from underneath. Additionally, the tent footprint also keeps it clean from the bottom and you only need to rinse the tent once you are done.
  • Lamp Hooks: We all need light and many tents now cater to your lamps and lighting needs. If you have a few lamps and you are camping in a dark area, the lamp hooks can be a great addition to add to your tent. If your tent does not have them, you can find them and attach them on your own.
  • Rainfly: We have included the rainfly here, but it should also be considered an important aspect of the tent. Having a rainfly will keep the rain from bothering you, but also block out most of the sun. This is a necessity if your tent is mostly constructed from mesh for your overall ventilation.
  • Storage: Storage is always something we need and a 1 person tent without storage might not always cut it. If you are a backpacker, the storage feature will certainly be one of the first things you need to consider before buying the tent.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is a freestanding tent the best?

The freestanding tent is one of the best to consider and it is also the most versatile. You can simply pitch these tents anywhere you come by. Alternatively, you can still use stakes to stabilize most tents, but finding a decent area in the ground can be a daunting task if you camp in wet weather areas. If you are camping in bad weather with a lot of wind, the stakes will be handy, but a freestanding tent is much more versatile and can actually be used anywhere.

Which tent is best for a camping cot?

When it comes to the one-person tent, the camping cot does not really fit the bill. These tents are not really designed to accommodate too much gear. However, modern technology has allowed companies to design tents that can actually be attached to a camping cot. If you don’t like sleeping on the floor, you need to look for some of these additional loops. Additionally, you might need to buy a larger and more functional rainfly to direct the water away from the cot.


The one person tent is not that hard to find, but many brands and types are available if you do a simple search, Not all of them will meet your needs, but these one-person tents should actually meet all the needs of a top-quality camper. Now that you have seen all the tents we recommend, we would like to share some of your comments below. Let us know which of the tents you like or if we might have missed any of your favorite one-person tents.

Our Top Pick
ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person TentG

This is a perfect one-person tent. No-fuss and easy to set up. It is also very durable and tear-resistant.

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