OZARK Trail Family Cabin Tent Review

The big city is not always a place we all want to be, but it is where everything is. Most people have to live here, but escaping to the backcountry on a camping trip is something we all love if you like nature. Doing so as a family is even better and the OZARK Trail Family Cabin Tent makes it possible to go out and camp with your entire family. This family tent can hold up to 10 people and is divided into 3 bedrooms for privacy that each couple or group might need. In this article, we will be exploring some of the features and review the tent to see if it is the best fit for you. We look at some of the specifications and how well the tent stacks up when it is used outdoors.

Key specifications of the OZARK Trail Family Cabin Tent:

  • It is mainly constructed from polyester taffeta with fiberglass and steel poles
  • The overall weight is 31.4-pounds
  • The folded dimensions are 11.6 x 12 x 27.5-inches
  • Unfolded, the tent is around 240 x 120 x 78-inches
  • It features 3 bedrooms that have been segregated for privacy
  • Setup time should be around 15-minutes
  • It includes a rainfly for added protection

Review of the OZARK Trail Family Cabin Tent

If you have ever needed something large and affordable to make life easier when camping in the backcountry, the OZARK Trail Family Cabin Tent is one of the best options. It does have instructions, and once you follow them, it should not take more than 15-minutes to set up. However, this will be determined or vary depending on how many people you are.

The inner dimensions are rather wide and the tent can comfortably house a number of people. The manufacturer does state that it is made for 10-people, but this is given that you will have children going along on the trip. Generally, it should have enough sleeping space for 6 or 7 adults if you are only adults and need some breathing room.

The Ripstop nylon construction is one of the important parts when we consider durability. It is worth mentioning, that even when the tent has been firmly pinned down with your stakes, it does not hold up well under extremely windy conditions. A few complaints have arisen about people feeling a little uncomfortable when the wind is picking up.

However, if you have it all set up, this 3-season tent will; be a comfortable option for those couples or family members that need some privacy. We have mentioned that it includes 3 segregated rooms, each of them is the same in size and can hold all of your personal belongings. They offer enough space for two people to sleep if you have a good camping bed.


Additionally, the OZARK Trail Family Cabin Tent has been designed with 3 separate entrances and each of these entrances will not bother the other people in the tent. The doors and the 6 windows that have been evenly spread out, should certainly make for a great tent with optimal ventilation once you feel the heat of the summer belting down.

Each room includes an E-port as well. These ports have been specifically designed to serve as a power circuit for the tent without risking any fire hazards. It should allow you to light up the tent if you are camping near a source of electricity. The rainfly will not only help to keep it from becoming a hazard in the rain, but most of the water will fly off to the sides and keep the tent from turning into a swimming pool.

Aside from the winds that don’t work well with the tent, the other downside is the lack of mesh coverage in front of the doors. If you like camping in the summer and you plan to leave the doors open, you might need some protection from bugs and other insects that could enter the tent. We would have loved to see the doors with some additional mesh coverage. Aside from these 2 small niggles, there is not a whole lot you actually have to complain about with this tent.

What We Like:

  • The tent is lightweight for a 10-person tent
  • Materials are durable in most of the average backcountry conditions
  •  The setup will not take that long among campers
  • It is affordable if you are part of a large group
  • Having E-ports will allow you to set up the tent much like your house
  • The insides are spacious and each room can work with camping mattresses

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The tent does not hold up that well in high winds
  • It lacks some mesh protection if you are looking for the best possible ventilation

Is It Worth Buying?

The person that will be buying this tent will be someone that is looking to plan a large camping expedition for friends or the entire group. If you only buy it for yourself, it is a little expensive. Nevertheless, when everyone gives their share, it is one of the most affordable options. Once you have the setup down and you understand all the basic features, the tent will be a great addition to your gear.

We should also mention that the tent does include a queen and twin size mattress. Both of these mattresses can be an expensive purchase if you buy them separately. However, this makes the deal even sweeter and also encourages us to recommend it for campers that love to camp in larger groups.


If you are tired of camping alone or having numerous tents that need to be squeezed into one location, the OZARK Trail Family Cabin Tent can definitely help to make your life a little easier. It is one of the best investments one could make when they need a new tent and we would highly recommend it.

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